Roger (9): Happy with FateMature

Roger left lunch feeling satisfied. Kayla seemed wonderful and he had truly enjoyed having a conversation with her which, while perhaps being of an unconventional one for the school canteen, had revealed a contemplativeness in Kayla which he didn’t think he had ever seen before and which therefore made him intrigued to find out more things, before now hidden, about her. He was excited to see how their relationship would develop - even though it was early days yet - and hoped that his happiness would only continue as the days went by and he and Kayla spent more time together. He was glad he had had the Wolf Dream. He went home - dropped off by Sandra’s mother - still feeling happy, as none of his lessons had done anything to diminish his contentment, and in the living room where he found his mother, he put a smile on her face by merely telling her “Fate found a way.” His forecast predicted sunny weather and pleasant temperatures.


The End

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