Kayla: Lunch with RogerMature

Kayla was buzzing all morning - even through Physics: her worst and most hated subject. Ben laughed at her and said she was going to explode like a firework, but she didn’t care. She was Roger’s soulmate and she was desperate to see him, to see his reaction to last night’s Wolf Dream - though she was also half terrified that in the space of one conversation with her after this turn of events he would become sickened by her and resent her for being his soulmate.

It happened at lunchtime. Kayla and Ben were sitting together at a table when Roger appeared at the end of the serving area, visible from their position. Kayla (who was facing Roger - though he himself hadn’t noticed yet) felt her whole body tense. Ben, noticing, looked behind him and grinned. He waved, catching Roger’s attention, and Roger, seeing Kayla, walked over, looking quite serious.

Ben,” Kayla hissed, mortified.

You’ve been the one wanting to see him all day,” Ben pointed out. He looked triumphant and Kayla kicked him lightly under the table.

Roger took a seat next to Ben so that he was opposite Kayla.

Kayla didn’t fail to miss Ben’s increased eating speed - a sign that he intended to leave Roger and Kayla to their privacy.

“Hi,” he said, looking directly at her.

“Hi,” she said shyly, looking down at her tray.

“I’ll be done soon,” Ben assured them as he drank some of his water.

Kayla blushed and looked back up at Roger. Roger was watching Ben rush, confused.

“Are you in a hurry to be somewhere?” he asked.

Kayla fought a smile.

“Yes,” Ben said. “I’ve just realised there’s stuff I need to do in the library.”

“Fair enough,” Roger said, though he didn’t look entirely convinced.

“So, Roger,” Kayla said, taking his attention away from Ben - with an immediateness that startled her.


She realised she didn’t have anything to say to him. Her mind was infuriatingly blank and rather lamely, she tried to put a question together.

“Um... have you been having a good day?”

Roger blinked, surprised.

“Oh... yes, yes I have.”

Kayla cringed internally. She put some food in her mouth and started chewing it.

“Have you?” Roger asked, starting his own lunch.

“Um... kind of.”

Roger’s brow furrowed.

“Oh, what’s not been good about it?”

Kayla looked at her plate. It was a lot easier trying to talk to Roger when she wasn’t looking into his eyes like a lover, or a person really intent on everything he said.

“Physics. And the fact I don’t like school that much.”

“You don’t like school?” Roger sounded surprised.

Oh, no, he liked school... Were they going to be total opposites?

“I don’t mind English,” Kayla amended. “But it’s the only thing I’m good at.”

Roger smiled.

“Oh I’m sure you have talents outside the classroom.”

Ben snorted.

“Ben, shut up,” Kayla said, embarrassed by his reaction.

Ben shook his head, putting his face in his hand, grinning.

“I’m sorry. ‘Talents’. Oh dear.”

“Are you insulting her?” Roger asked, sounding like he didn’t know what to think, rather than like he was angry at him for perhaps being offensive to his soulmate.

“No, he’s being immature,” explained Kayla, blushing.

“Yeah. Talents,” Ben repeated. He chuckled. He looked up and found Kayla glaring at him. He put his hands up. “I’m sorry. I’m going now. Look - done.” He gestured to his plate. He stood up and picked up his tray.

“I’ll see you later, Kay.”

“Bye now, Ben,” she said, still cross.


The End

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