Chapter 14Mature

Rhyley (25): A Different Morning After

Rhyley dreamt that he woke up with Sandra in his bed. It was a sort of reminder of the Wolfsong of September, after which he and Amelie had hurriedly turned back into human form and rushed back to his house to make love. But the tenderness and love which Rhyley imagined accompanying waking up to find his soulmate in his bed were something else. He imagined gazing lovingly into her eyes, which in his dream were mostly awed but slightly anxious as if she were entertaining the idea that she perhaps hadn’t pleased him - a ridiculous idea since they were soulmates: madefor each other. He reassured her by smiling and stroking her cheek. They exchanged ‘I love you’s and kissed softly under his duvet.

The longing Rhyley felt when he really woke up was painfully intense but he made himself remember the beauty of the kisses they had shared in the forest the night before and told himself that he could, must and would wait for her. He was glad not to have had a run in with Willis, though he supposed he should have guessed that he and Christa had gone to the Wolfsong last night with the intention of sleeping together afterwards - as shown by the way they had run off together scarcely after the final, joint howl had sounded. It had been a great night, though he felt extremely tired this morning. It was only with great effort that he got himself out of bed.


Before Sandra had gotten out of the car outside her house (Rhyley had decided to go along with his dad to drop her off), the pair had agreed to hang out in their P.S. during period 3. They met in the common room and found an unoccupied sofa and for a while Sandra just hugged Rhyley quietly.

“I’m certain now,” she told him afterwards. “It’s going to work. Nothing can take away what my being there last night meant for us. One day, we’re really going to get married.”

Rhyley kissed her hair.

“Yes,” he said simply.

Sandra sighed contentedly.

“That Wolfsong was ... amazing. When’s the next full moon again?”

Rhyley smiled.

“28th November.”

Sandra smiled back.

“I can hardly wait.”


The End

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