Kayla Chalcedony: The soulmate of the Alpha's sonMature

Kayla felt nervous and excited as she woke up where she had fallen asleep - that was to say, in her parents’ car. She couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she was the soulmate of the Alpha’s son. Her first child - if she had any, she thought, blushing discreetly in the dark as she followed her parents to the front door - would be an Alpha when he or she grew up. She could hardly sleep for the rest of that night. She ended up texting Ben - her closest friend outside the pack as well as in it.

‘Ben, guess what? I Wolf-Dreamt about Roger!’

‘Roger Steelfang?’ came the almost instant reply. Both Kayla and Ben slept with their phone under their pillow and tonight would not be the first night to see a text conversation between them.

‘Yes! Can you believe it?’

‘No. Can you?’

‘No but I think it’s true.’

‘Guess you’ll find out soon enough. Lucky if it is x’

‘I know... Gosh, idk how I’ll sleep again tonight.’

‘Well, try. I want to sleep. :P’


There wasn’t another reply. Kayla sighed and tried to think of something other than Roger Steelfang. But it was impossible. She ended up thinking about how she had never fancied Roger, but reflecting that he wasn’t un-handsome and feeling grateful to Fate as she thought about how he had always seemed a kind and decent type of guy. What an unexpected event! How strange that she had only found out tonight, after knowing Roger for as long as she’d been able to turn into a wolf. The Alpha’s son. Her pack’s Alpha’s son...  

She only fell asleep at a point in the night when all this thinking had exhausted her.


 The following morning the excitement rose up again and she wondered if Roger would try to find her at school or if she should try to find him herself or if it would even be at school that they first talked to each other in the knowledge that they were each other’s soulmates. It was so strange and new to be thinking along these lines, so weird to think that she had actually had the Wolf Dream and had a soulmate who she was supposed to love for the rest of her life. She looked up at her black and white poster of the actor and model Kit Wolf, topless with a sexy expression on his face, and wondered if Roger would mind her keeping that up - wondered if she herself should stop admiring hot celebrities because she was supposed to be focusing on real and meaningful love now.

Oh, what to do, how to act! It was dizzying. She was impatient to see Roger and yet she felt shy. Would they get to talk today?


The End

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