Chapter 12Mature

Sandra (27): An Interesting Proposition

Unfortunately Sandra didn’t see much of Rhyley over the last three days of the half term break. On the Friday her aunt and uncle came to visit and the family had lunch out in a restaurant before returning to her house where they chatted over tea and biscuits. On Saturday she did homework and went shopping with her mother. On Sunday she put the things she would need for Monday’s lessons into her schoolbag and helped out with the roast dinner that her parents were making. On that last day of the short holiday, Rhyley sent her a text which contained an interesting proposal. It said: ‘Would you like to come to a Wolfsong? It happens every full moon and I think you’d like it.’

Sandra had forgotten all about this mysterious Wolfsong, which had been mentioned at the New Moon party and then which Roger wouldn’t explain to her. She thought it sounded interesting but was worried about doing something on a school night which her parents might allow but would think would be better planned to happen at the weekend.

‘I’m not sure my parents will let me. What time will it be roughly?’

‘About 6pm. And you can go home when you want x ‘

‘What could I tell my parents?’

There was a longer pause before the next text than there had been before the previous.

‘Say my family like star-gazing when there’s a full moon and I’ve invited you - for tea as well’

Sandra was amazed by Rhyley’s idea.

‘That’s a great idea! I’ll go ask my mum xx’

Sandra found her mother watching TV in the living room.

“Hey, Mum, Rhyley’s invited me to tea tomorrow after school, because his family likes star-gazing when there’s a full moon and he thought I might like to come too.”

Sandra’s mother looked startled.

“That’s very nice of them,” she said. “And romantic of your young man too.”

Sandra smiled slightly.

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it?”

“Well, um, if that’s okay with Maria and Raymond, I certainly don’t see any problem with it. Just make sure you’re back before eight, okay?”

Sandra was surprised that a time as late as 8pm was allowable, but she smiled, thanking her mum.

Before she left, her mother suddenly said “Rhyley drives, doesn’t he?”

Sandra bit her lip, not having thought of that.

“Maybe I can ask if his mum or dad will pick me up after school tomorrow?”

“Or I could bring you home, you could get changed and then I could take you to his place? I’ve still got to pick up Roger as well, don’t forget.” Sandra’s mother never liked to put other parents out when she could drop Sandra off herself, and she had a point about taking Roger home.

Sandra smiled.

“Yes, that would be great, Mum. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, honey.” She returned to watching her wildlife documentary and Sandra darted upstairs to ring Rhyley.


On Monday morning, as usual, Roger’s mum came to collect Sandra.

“Hey, you looking forward to school?” Roger asked, smiling.

Sandra rolled her eyes.

“Only you would ask me that, Roj.” She smiled. “As a matter of fact, I am. I don’t mind it like other people seem to.”

Roger grinned.

“You know Rhyley is one of those ‘other people’, don’t you? Never liked it.”

“Figures,” Sandra replied, smiling slightly to herself. “He called it nerdy that we play Scrabble together.”

No - he didn’t, did he?” Roger said, amazed and amused.

“Yup. It’s not on, is it?”

She was only teasing, and Roger teased back as he answered “No, it’s not.” Then, Roger asked “Hey, you want us to take you to a Wolfsong tonight? I know you wanted to know what one was.”

“Oh, Rhyley already asked, actually,” Sandra replied, a little embarrassed and feeling a little sorry for Roger that she had to decline him. “We’re going under the pretence of star-gazing.”

Roger looked startled.

“Star-gazing? That’s actually quite romantic.”

Sandra play-hit him gently.

“Don’t sound so surprised. We shared an ice cream sundae on Thursday.”

“Wow,” Roger murmured, still looking surprised.

Sandra rolled her eyes.

“So you’ll be there?” she asked, changing the subject.

Roger smiled.

“Yeah. The adults do one together and the teenagers do another in a different area. There’ll be all the young adults you saw at the party - Rhyley and his mates, Kayla and Ben, Christa, Natalie and Amelie.”

“Oh, cool.” Sandra felt slightly disappointed. She had been under the impression that it would be a private thing for her to just share with Rhyley, while the rest of the Pack ran off somewhere else.

Roger didn’t notice her disappointment - she had masked it well - and smiled, saying “Yeah, it is. I look forward to seeing you there. So, since we’re friends again, you want to hang out in our PS’s today?”

Sandra had actually been thinking about asking if Rhyley wanted to spend them together but now she reconsidered, reflecting on the fact that there were two and reminding herself that she had spent a lot more time with Rhyley over the October half term than with Roger.

“Um, can I spend the first with you and the second with Rhyley?” she asked.

Roger smiled.

“Sure. That’s fine.”

“Great. I think that’s my whole day planned out then,” she joked.

Roger chuckled.

“Yeah, sounds like it.”


The End

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