Rhyley (21): An unattractive ideaMature

Rhyley thought that either he was dreaming or that Sandra was playing a trick on him (perhaps to get him back for asking her to beg him to kiss her yesterday?) when she called to invite him to come bowling with her and Roger. When he realised she was being serious, he sighed internally.

“Sandra, I don’t know. I don’t think this is as good an idea as you’re probably hoping it will be.”

“Oh, come on, you wouldn’t argue in a bowling alley, would you?” she countered.

“No, but we’d ignore each other, which would make it uncomfortable for everyone.”

“Rhyley, I just want you two to ... not hate each other so much. I’ve known Roger since year 7 and I love you because you’re my soulmate. I can’t choose between the two of you.”

“Sandra, how can I not hate him?” He asked the question gently, patiently. “He kissed you. And he wanted to take you away from me. How can I forgive him for that?”

“He’s promised to let alone now. Do you like holding grudges?”

“His not interfering in who your soulmate is is great, but I still hate him for kissing you. I half want to attack him.”

There was a pause.

Then: “Please, Rhyley.” She spoke softly and sadly, and Rhyley was almost angry at her for causing him to feel guilty and for awakening his love-born sense of duty towards his soulmate, which seemed to come with a tangible label reading ‘Not be ignored under any circumstance’.

“Fine,” he said reluctantly, letting out a sigh. “But if it gets awkward, I’m leaving.”

Sandra sounded relieved and happy.

“That’s fine. All I ask is that you try. I’ll see you at half eleven, yeah?”

“Yeah, see you,” Rhyley said flatly before hanging up. He was not a happy bunny. Why did he need to be on any sort of terms with that annoying, trouble-making Alpha’s son? He had kissed Rhyley’s soulmate. But Sandra wanted what Sandra wanted and truth be told he would rather endure a trip to the bowling alley with Roger than upset his soulmate. He loved her after all.


The End

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