Chapter 11Mature

Sandra (25): Problem Resolved

It was so satisfying to not feel confused and anxious anymore. Yes, the fact might still remain that she had enjoyed Roger’s kiss; yes, she still didn’t understand the dream she had had last night, but after the ‘wild make-out session’ with Rhyley, those things didn’t seem to matter anymore. She somehow knew that Roger wasn’t the type to become wild when he was upset, that he wouldn’t approve of carnality being used to resolve a problem related to emotions, and this somehow became part of the proof that staying with Rhyley was the best thing for her. She was totally convinced that she loved Rhyley more and she didn’t doubt whatsoever that they would be a couple for the rest of their lives. She felt a little pride and satisfaction at having guessed before coming over that Rhyley would make her feel better. He was hers and she was his and nothing was ever going to keep them apart.

“D’you want to talk about that dream you had?” Rhyley asked absently, after a few moments of a tranquillity which felt touched by love.

“Nah, it doesn’t matter now,” Sandra answered truthfully.

Rhyley’s finger slid along her side, making her sigh contentedly.

“I ... I’m feeling passive,” Sandra said shyly. “If there’s anything you wanna do, ... just go ahead.”

Rhyley met her gaze, a soft smile on his face.

“Are you asking me to kiss you?”

“Yes,” she said quietly, blushing slightly.

Rhyley moved in closer and kissed her, stroking her right hip. Sandra gave herself up to the kiss, wanting to go where Rhyley wanted to go. A little surprisingly, Rhyley wanted to stay in a tender and soft kiss, probably because he was feeling calm and didn’t really want anything more at the moment. Sandra sighed as he drew away.

“Was that all right?” Rhyley asked.

“Perfect,” Sandra answered, although she felt like she would have replied ‘Perfect’ if it had been any sort of kiss.

Rhyley sat up.

“I’m feeling thirsty. Want to come grab a drink?”

“Sure,” Sandra replied, pushing herself up into a sitting position as well. They went downstairs and Rhyley made squash in the kitchen. He leant against a wall and sipped some, gazing absent-mindedly out of the window which gave a view of the back garden.

“D’you like camping?” he asked randomly.

“Yeah, it’s fun,” Sandra said, smiling. “I haven’t been in a while, though.”

“Me neither,” Rhyley said. “I used to go with Scouts.” He smiled slightly. “You know, Roger and I weren’t always enemies.”

“Really?” asked Sandra, surprised.

“Yeah. When we were Scouts, we were quite good friends. I mean, this was years ago, but he used to come round my house and we used to play videogames together.”

“Wow... You’d never think that now.”

Rhyley sighed slightly.

“No, you wouldn’t.”

“So... were all the werewolf boys Scouts?” Sandra asked curiously.

Rhyley grinned.

“Yes; it’s important for Pack members to get along so the Alpha suggested that every boy was sent to Scouts, for bonding even before they first shifted. He was the Scout Pack Leader.”

“Ha, wow. Is he still a Scout Leader?”

“No, not anymore. There are no new werewolves being born among the Pack; I don’t think there will be till our generation has children.”

“Are a werewolf’s children always werewolves?” Sandra wondered.

“Yeah, as far as I know.”

“Is either of your parents not a werewolf?”

Rhyley looked surprised.

“Yeah, my dad; that’s why he didn’t come to the New Moon party.”

Sandra frowned.

“Oh. But I was allowed to come?”

“He’s allowed to come,” Rhyley said. “If he wasn’t Mum’s soulmate, he wouldn’t be, but he just prefers to let me and Mum be involved in the werewolf stuff and lead a normal life. That’s his right.”

“Oh, so he still knows.

Rhyley laughed a little.

“I think you’d notice if your son started turning into a werewolf every month.” He winked.

“Every month? And ... you can’t stop that?”

“Every full moon, really. And ... it’s very difficult to stop yourself. You kind of feel a really intense desire to shift. You start to feel like your human form is restricting, and ... this is going to sound really strange to you but you feel like you’re the moon’s slave. And at the full moon, it’s like she has complete power over you. Basically, you’ve got no ability to resist.”

“You’re right; that does sound strange,” Sandra said, frowning.

Rhyley’s expression was slightly apologetic.

“It’s hard to explain; you have to be a werewolf.”

“Well, let’s go get me a blood transfusion,” Sandra joked.

Rhyley grinned.

“Roger told you?”

“Yeah, after he turned into a werewolf for me.”

“Thank goodness you knew him,” Rhyley said, surprising Sandra. “Only an Alpha or an Alpha’s child can turn at any time they want. If he hadn’t shifted when he did, we might have had to wait till the next full moon for you to believe us.”

“When is that? Roger’s dad said at the New Moon party, didn’t he? I can’t remember the date.”

“29th,” Rhyley said automatically.

Sandra blinked.

“Wow. Do you know that instinctively or something?”

Rhyley snorted.

“No, we’re encouraged from an early age to memorise the next four full moons on the day after one, in case we go on holiday or something.”

Sandra folded her arms, grinning.

“Go on, then.”

Rhyley laughed.



He rolled his eyes.

“29th October, 28th November, 28th December, 27th January.” He stuck out his tongue. “So there.”

“Will there be one on my birthday?” Sandra wondered teasingly. “28th April next year?”

“You’re being quite cheeky,” Rhyley said, in a tone of mock reproach.

Sandra smiled widely.

“Don’t I know it?”

“I hope there is a full moon that day because then I can use changing into a werewolf as an excuse not to do anything for you,” Rhyley said casually.

Sandra pretended to be shocked.

“That’s horrid! How could you say something like that - you’re my boyfriend.

“Technically I’m your soulmate. I don’t have to act like the traditional boyfriend.” Rhyley stuck his tongue out again.

“Maybe I should just leave then,” Sandra suggested. “I don’t have to suffer your company if I don’t have to be the traditional girlfriend.”

She pretended to leave, heading for the door out of the kitchen. She heard Rhyley putting his glass down and then his footsteps across the kitchen tiles as he walked towards her. Arms caught her from behind and pulled her into a hug, making Sandra squeal in surprise. Rhyley kissed her hair.

“Where would you go? he asked quietly, his tone slightly intense. “Your house isn’t within walking distance, you know.”

“Well, maybe that’s me implying that anywhere is better than near you,” Sandra teased, trying not to be affected by how close Rhyley was holding her against his body. 

“Oo, that one’s a bit too harsh,” Rhyley whispered, stroking her hips. “What am I going to do to teach you a lesson?”

Sandra swallowed nervously.

“Nothing?” she suggested.

Rhyley chuckled near her ear, making her shiver.

“Nothing? Yes, that’s quite a good one actually.” He stepped back, letting go of her.


The End

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