Sandra (24): Disquieting DreamMature

Sandra needed to do something - something vigorous to get her mind off Roger. And so, she spent the rest of that day doing work around the house - making beds, hanging out washing, unloading the dishwasher, helping her mother in the garden, cooking lunch with her dinner. After dinner she was exhausted and after a gorgeous hot shower, she went to bed and fell asleep almost as her head hit the pillow. Tomorrow she would see Rhyley. In the minutes before she fell asleep she recalled to mind his kiss and his words in the café - his first declaration of his love for her. At last she was happy.


That night, Sandra had a strange and rather troubling dream. The dream was formed of two imaginary scenes, though combined with events from the past few days. First, Roger and her were standing facing each other in her bedroom and Roger was wordlessly presenting her with a red rose. This gesture was reminiscent of Rhyley’s gift of a rose, except Roger’s was real where Rhyley’s had been fake. As Sandra took the rose, she realised that the petals were shedding clear, cool tears like drops of dew on blades of grass. Neither of the pair commented on it, this being the sort of dream where Sandra had no control over her actions, and Roger leant in to kiss her. Startlingly, his kiss felt like Rhyley’s - experienced, unafraid of passion and desirous. Roger’s fingers stroked the top of her hips...

Secondly, Sandra was standing in her bedroom again, but this time it was night and in this scene her companion was Rhyley. For some reason the light was switched off, and the pair gazed out of the window at a starry sky, in which there was also a brilliant crescent moon. Suddenly, agonised howling could be heard and when Sandra looked down from her bedroom window she saw the silhouette of a wolf, its head craning towards the moon as it let out its cries of distress. Intuitively she knew it was Roger, despite the fact she couldn’t see the wolf very clearly. Rhyley touched her shoulder and she turned towards him. He leant in to kiss her, but his kiss was like Roger’s - gentle, inexperienced and chaste.

What could it mean, each boy kissing her like the other, a crying rose and a wolf that she thought was Roger howling distraughtly at the moon? The confusion upset her, reminding her of the confusion that Roger’s kiss had brought her; and the idea that came to Sandra in her attempt to find meaning in the dream was that it had been a message conveying the turbulence of emotions inside her.

She got up, wanting to leave her bed and the disconcerting images that had been displayed by her subconscious mind as soon as possible. She decided she couldn’t wait to see her soulmate, anticipating great comfort in the feel of his arms around her as he wordlessly conveyed love and the belief that they would be each other’s forever...


The End

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