Roger (5): A Dreadful MistakeMature

What had he done? Roger wasn’t at all convinced by Sandra’s reply that they would still be friends - she had seemed so shocked after he had kissed her. Kissed her. Why had he kissed her?! It had been the worst idea to ever enter his head, worse even than the April Fool’s Day joke attempt when he had pretended not to know her. Yes, he had been concerned about her being the soulmate of Rhyley Quentin; yes, he didn’t want to see her hurt by that idiotic jerk, but to risk their friendship - to run the risk of them never having the same relationship ever again? He had been the stupid one this time.

He left Sandra’s house, making a hurried excuse to her startled mother as he passed her on his way out. He felt dreadful - distressed by the thought of a potentially ruined friendship and shocked at and guilty for his behaviour. He was also slightly unhappy that he could never now resolve the Rhyley issue, since he had promised he would never interfere again. He just had to hope that Rhyley wouldn’t destroy Sandra. On top of everything else, Roger felt something a little more personal, perhaps a little more selfish: the pain of unrequited emotions. It hurt him that Sandra hadn’t enjoyed his kiss: he had kissed her with genuine feeling - affection that had grown out of his friendly respect for her and admiration of her character, sparked by his concern that she was destined to live the rest of her life with a guy she was ten times better than - and she had come out of it looking pale and almost ill, with tears on her face. In a moment of too much concentration on the image of her sitting on her bed wiping her cheeks, he felt a blaze of jealousy towards Rhyley Quentin. Why was Sandra in love with him? What about his kisses were more appealing than Roger's? Rhyley was undeserving and indecent... and ‘Oh, stop this’, Roger thought to himself. Anger wasn’t going to get him anywhere. He sat in his car and tried to clear his head. He put the unopened book about werewolves on the seat beside him and turned the car engine on, changing the radio station to Classic FM. After a few minutes he was ready to drive. He returned to his house, had a drink of cold water and went up to his bedroom where he lay on his bed, worn out by so many horrible emotions.


The End

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