Roger (4): An invitation to hang outMature

On Tuesday morning Roger was surprised to receive a phone call at his house from Sandra.

“Roger, I don’t like this constant fighting,” she confessed. “Would you like to come round my house? We could play Scrabble - like we used to. I know you’re angry at Rhyley and I know you only care about my happiness but let’s try to sort this out. Like you said, we’ve known each other for six years. Wouldn’t it be sad if we never made up?”

Roger hesitated. He was still angry at Rhyley, and he was slightly cross, though mostly deeply upset, at Sandra for hanging up on him yesterday. But he didn’t want their friendship to end either, and, actually, this might be a chance to make Sandra see things differently.

“Sure, I’ll come round,” he told her.

“Oh, thank you, Roj.” Sandra sounded immensely grateful. Roger sighed slightly inside; how had their friendship ever come to this? He almost wished that she didn’t have a werewolf soulmate at all. But the fact of the matter was that she did, and there was something he could do to make it not Rhyley, if not leave her without a soulmate at all.

“No problem,” he replied. “See you then.”

“Bye for now.”

She hung up and Roger went to the bookcase in his room. He picked up a leather-bound book and nodded to himself. This could work. He just needed to be tactful. With any luck, Sandra could be his soulmate within the next week...


The End

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