Roger (2): ObserverMature

Roger could only guess at what Rhyley was telling Sandra. Lies, he suspected - beautiful lies that would melt her heart and allow him to be the two-timer he had shown himself to be. But Sandra seemed to avoid a kiss from him at the end of their conversation and Rhyley returned to his car, neither looking triumphant nor despairing. Roger hoped Sandra had seen through his words and dumped him. And if Rhyley wasn’t an acceptable soulmate, well, Roger could step up to the plate and make Sandra his instead - a situation which would surely bring her more happiness.

Sandra came over and Roger got out of his car. By this time, Rhyley was driving away.

“Is it all right if I ask you to leave as well?” she asked timidly. “I just ... need some space.”

“Of course,” Roger said. “Sandra, I’m so sorry about Rhyley; I know I’ve always thought badly of him but hurting you like he did was unforgivable.”

Sandra’s face was a mask, Roger guessed to conceal the pain.

“It’s okay,” she told him quietly.

“I’ll be off then. Take care.”

“I will. And you too. See you, Roger.”

“See you.”

Roger got back into his car and drove back home.

Poor Sandra. She had never deserved this. It made Rhyley even worse, in his eyes, though he had already been quite awful. He almost felt guilty, as if he should have had more hope that Rhyley would be decent. But that kind of guy was that kind of guy. His poor friend.


The End

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