Sandra (19): Roger's NewsMature

Sandra had just delivered a cup of tea to each of her parents, one of whom was working in the garden, the other reading the newspaper over a late brunch in the kitchen, when the doorbell rang. She went to answer it and found Roger standing on the doorstep looking serious.

“Roger!” Sandra exclaimed, thinking he had come over to make up with her. She threw her arms around him, hugging him. “Oh, Roj, have you forgiven me?”

Roger sounded surprised as he slowly returned the hug, saying “Oh, um... yeah; it’s been an unreasonably long time not to talk to you, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Sandra stepped back. “But that’s not why you came?” she guessed.

Roger shook his head.

“Sandra, I have some bad news.” He paused. “Rhyley’s cheating on you.”

“What?!” Sandra said, horrified. “Why would you say that?”

“Ben Stoke phoned me. Rhyley went upstairs at his house with Amelie.”

“No,” Sandra whispered, shocked and distraught. “When?”

“Today. I came as soon as I finished talking to Ben. You can’t mention his name, by the way - not to Rhyley or to anyone else who would tell Rhyley. He did the right thing, but Rhyley would just get angry at him.” Roger shook his head. “He’s really crossed the line.”

Sandra held onto the doorframe, feeling like she had been thrown into the middle of the sea and all she had to keep herself afloat was a lump of driftwood. She barely cared about Rhyley being angry at Ben - she was the one who had been wronged: wronged by the guy who was meant to be hers forever.

“He... he’s my soulmate,” she said uncomprehendingly. “He can’t do this to me... Can he?”

Roger winced.

“Even wolves who’ve met their soulmate can be players and jerks.”

“But... But...” But how could that work? How could you be destined to be with someone and then be able to mess it up? Wasn’t there a profound bond between you and your soulmate that would stop that sort of thing? Why not, if the very phenomenon of soulmates existed? How could this have happened?

Roger pulled Sandra into a hug.

“I’m so sorry, Sandra,” he told her, sounding truly apologetic.

But an apology from Roger couldn’t cut it. Her soulmate had cheated on her.


The End

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