Sandra (18): ReflectionsMature

Sandra didn’t have much to do for the rest of that day. She split the hours when she wasn’t helping out with the housework between reading, listening to music and making random pictures using the Paint tool on her computer. When she went to bed, she replayed various kiss scenes between her and Rhyley in her head, half wishing she could feel more solidly his hands on her body again and the movement of their mouths against each other. It made her obscurely happy to remember kissing him. Whether that was a product of being his soulmate or simply being in a relationship with him, she couldn’t say... The latter would be significant, since it meant feelings beyond happiness at merely having a soulmate.

She reflected on today’s date with sadness; she couldn’t help wondering how it would have gone if she had agreed to make out with him. She probably wouldn’t have communicated the false message of wanting to touch him. She, in all honesty, probably would have enjoyed being kissed in the cinema despite the presence of people around them.

Was it asking too much, she suddenly wondered sadly, of any guy to deny them pleasure produced physically? Not just the public making out, but the ‘act’ as well. Perhaps she was being too idealistic in wanting to save herself until marriage...

She rolled over in her bed unhappily, deliberately changing her line of thought to the plot of the novel she had been reading recently. She made an unconscious decision not to give up on her chastity, which was accepted all through her mind. Despite today’s misfortune, there still hovered in the distant future an image of her and Rhyley together, enveloped in an aura of contentment and fulfilment. The emotion providing it was hope.


The End

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