Chapter 7Mature

Sandra (15): A Surprising Phone Call

On Saturday, the first day of the half term holiday - at least, in Sandra’s opinion (because other people would say that the first real day of the break was the Monday following this weekend) - there was a phone call in the morning. Sandra’s mother picked it up but she called, “Sandra, it’s for you. It’s Rhyley.”

Sandra blinked, astonished. She went into the living room and took the phone from her mother.


“Hey, Sandra. I was wondering if you wanted to catch a film with me.”

“A film? Sure, which film?” Sandra felt herself grinning. Whether this date was a part of the making the transition between ‘work colleagues’ children’ and boyfriend and girlfriend, or simply a desire to hang out with her, Sandra wasn’t complaining. All her feelings about how last night had gone were positive. She had been particularly stirred by Rhyley’s realisation that he was changing.

“It’s a film adaptation of the Wolfman comics. I thought that might be funny.”

Sandra grinned.

“Yeah, that sounds great. What time?”

“Um, there’s a showing at 11.20 and then 1.10.”

“Hang on a minute.” Sandra held the phone against her shoulder. “Mum, can I go to the cinema with Rhyley?” she called.

Her mother sounded amused as she replied, “Yes, dear.”

“Should we see the 11.20 or the 1.10 showing?”

“How about the 11.20? Then you can two can have lunch together afterwards.”

Sandra put the phone back against her ear and said, “Would you like to see the 11.20 showing and then have lunch out?”

“That sounds like a good idea. Is your mum willing to drop you off? I have a Sat-Nav.”

“She won’t let me go in your car,” Sandra reminded him. At this point, her mother walked in.

“D’you want me to drive you to the cinema, dear? We can pick Rhyley up on the way.”

“My mum can take us to the cinema,” she relayed to him.

“Oh, and then she’ll pick us up afterwards?”

“Yeah, that will be fine,” Sandra told him.

“Well, tell her that’s very kind of her.”

“He says that’s kind of you,” Sandra told her mother.

Her mother shook her head dismissively.

“It’s nothing.”

“So we’ll come round about...”

Sandra looked to her mother for a time.

“11,” her mother said.

“11,” Sandra told Rhyley.

“Okay. See you then.”


Rhyley hung up and Sandra put the phone back on the hook.

“Your first date,” her mother said, beaming and hugging Sandra tightly.

Sandra blushed.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” she said, unsure of what else she could say.

Mrs Longmorrow stepped back, smiling.

“Well, you’d better get ready. Can’t go to the cinema in your pyjamas, now, can you?”

Sandra looked down at herself and blushed even more.


She hurried upstairs and got changed. She came down for breakfast and then brushed her hair and teeth. At quarter to eleven, her mother and she left the house. Sandra sat in the front seat of her car, as excited as she would have been on a first date with a guy she hadn’t known the way she knew Rhyley. She was ecstatic that it seemed like they were going to have a normal relationship. In one corner of her mind, she reflected that Rhyley would never have gone for her in normal circumstances, but then she reminded herself that Rhyley was different now from how he had been at first. The way that he had shown her his comic book collection and proceeded to draw her could not in any way be mistaken for desire for a casual relationship. If things continued in this way, this could be the romance of Sandra’s dreams...


The End

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