Rhyley (12): The Anger of the Alpha's sonMature

Rhyley felt really... good as he walked away from the library. Happy. His positive mood lasted all through Chemistry, was present at the beginning of lunch - continued up until the moment when Roger Steelfang caught him on the way to the lunch hall and said “I know your game, Rhyley. Leave Sandra alone.”

Rhyley stiffened, the instinctive reaction when the Alpha or his son was angry. Trouble. Punishment. But he pushed it away and looked straight into Roger’s eyes. He knew he wasn’t in the wrong here.

“Look, Roger, I’m not playing any games. Sandra and I are going to work.”

Roger’s eyes flashed angrily.

“How dare you lie to me? I know exactly what you want, you promiscuous jerk...”

“With respect,” Rhyley interrupted, though he held none for the son of the pack leader and had considered running away when the Alphaship eventually became Roger’s, “I was not lying. And you don’t know what I want. So just leave me alone, and for goodness’ sake, apologise to Sandra.”

Roger stared in disbelief.

“You’re giving me an order?”

“I’m giving you advice,” Rhyley told him. “Sandra wants us to get along, and I’m quite willing to turn over a new leaf if you get off my back.”

Roger shook his head slowly.

“You may have fooled her, but you won’t do the same with me. If I hear you’ve hurt her, you’ll be sorry. I promise.” With that, Roger turned and walked off. The guy part of Rhyley wanted to go up to him and break his nose, but the wolf part of him would never dare to do something like that. So he stood there, furious, watching as Roger’s form drew further away.

A familiar voice which made him forget his anger called from behind him “Rhyley! Hey, d’you want to catch lunch together?”

Rhyley turned and made himself smile.

“Sure, Sandra.” He took her hand, surprising even himself, and walked her to the lunch queue. Roger noticed from where he was standing and the look he gave Rhyley was one of pure loathing. But Rhyley ignored him and turned to Sandra.

“So how was French?”


The End

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