Chapter 5Mature

Sandra (10): Roger's Wariness (and its Justification)

Sandra found out what Rhyley wanted her number for on Monday (it came across as the reason why Rhyley could have said so surely that he would see her then). At break time she got a text saying ‘Meet me in common room for PS period 3?’

Sandra was startled by Rhyley’s actual desire to see her and, actually wanting to see him too (having felt more of a bond with him since the party), replied ‘Sure’.

The response was quick, and a hurried tone suited the content of the text: ‘You won’t bring Roger with you, will you?’

Sandra was slightly suspicious.

‘Why not?’ she asked.

‘We annoy each other,’ came the rather frank-sounding reply.

‘Okay,’ Sandra replied, though something still didn’t feel quite right.

She found Roger waiting outside the school library for her, but she explained that she was going to spend the P.S. with Rhyley.

Roger’s face darkened.


“In the common room,” Sandra answered, feeling slightly anxious at the sight of Roger’s expression.

“Well, be careful, Sandra. I’ll meet you after your English Lit lesson for lunch.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then.”

Roger nodded and watched her walk away for a few seconds before disappearing into the library. Now that he had shown concern about her going to see Rhyley, Sandra was more nervous. She walked to the common room, with a hint of a sense of foreboding.

Rhyley was lounging on a sofa in the room where they had talked last Monday. ‘Monday... Interesting,’ Sandra reflected absently. ‘The day of the moon and the day of the week when most of this stuff has been going on’.  

Rhyley sat up straight as Sandra walked towards him.

“Hey, Sandra!” There was a strange light in his eyes, which seemed to draw her in slightly when she looked into them. He looked like he felt energised, ready for anything.

“Hi,” she said, slightly shyly, sliding down beside him. She couldn’t seem to look away from his eyes. “There’s something... different about you today.”

Rhyley grinned.

“You noticed. Yeah, it’s the New Moon tonight, and the daytime before it is one big old blur of great feelings.”

Sandra smiled slightly at the way he was talking. She was beginning to feel reassured - safe in the company of her soulmate, someone who must surely have her best interests at heart... And then he looked deeply into her eyes and she felt like she was falling.

He leant in slightly and rested his hands on her waist.

“But you can make that day even better,” he told her, the volume of his voice a little lower and the tone definitely more serious. “Tell me, baby: what can I say to get you to kiss me again?”

There was no joke in the way that he said it but Sandra tried to laugh him off. The sound came out forced and weak.

“It doesn’t work like that, Rhyley.” She tried to lean back a little but she was conscious that if she leant too far she would end up lying on her back with Rhyley over her. Rhyley just leant in so that they were close again anyway.

“Doesn’t it?” he asked, quietly, his eyes a little more intense. Sandra wondered distantly if werewolves could be hypnotic.

“Not with me,” she told him, trying to be defiant but sounding nervous and vulnerable.

“I’m sure it works for everyone,” Rhyley said casually. “I just have to find ... your button.” One of his hands moved around to her back and felt around for a moment, as if he would find it there. He was, Sandra found - although she really didn’t want to acknowledge it - very sexy. She swallowed as her heart rate rose and she felt herself shaking slightly, though whether it was inside and hidden from Rhyley or her actual body and tangible, she didn’t know.

Rhyley smiled slightly.

“You like that, don’t you, Sandra?”

“N-no,” she stammered. But his hand slid gently under her top and when he lightly caressed her spine near the base, her reaction was undeniably one of pleasure. She fell back, slightly painful chemicals being released somewhere around her stomach region, and watched Rhyley as he leant in to kiss her: she closed her eyes as he did so slowly, deeply, seductively.

Sandra sank into bliss, forgetting her fear, forgetting her unwillingness. She wasn’t unwilling anymore: she felt desire like anyone else. She forgot that Rhyley was taking advantage; she forgot that she should be hating him right now rather than responding to his gorgeous, experienced kiss. In fact, she forgot so much that when Rhyley withdrew, a couple of minutes that had felt like long, glorious hours later, she asked the rather profound question “Who am I?” It was quite a fitting question, her supposedly being the chaste girl who wanted a romantic relationship with meaning.

Rhyley smiled slightly.

“You’re my soulmate,” he told her quietly. But the situation made it seem rather more like Sandra was his casual lover than the girl he was destined to be with forever.

“Yes, I am,” she murmured, lost in those magnetic blue eyes.

He took her response as consent to kiss her again. But this time Sandra felt too lost to feel as much pleasure. Rhyley must have sensed some change in her because he pulled back, frowning slightly.

“Is something wrong?”

“This doesn’t feel right,” she told him quietly.

“Really?” Rhyley asked. It seemed like he wanted her to answer in the negative, to prolong this moment some, to not have to face up to the end of it.

“Yeah,” Sandra murmured.

Rhyley sighed and let go, sitting up.

Sandra sat up slowly and closed her eyes, her mind piecing itself together again. When she opened her eyes, she had remembered everything. And the daze was replaced by a storm of negative feelings including distress at her reaction to the kisses and betrayal by Rhyley.

“Rhyley, you’re an ass,” she told him, trying to sound angry, but failing slightly because she was so aggrieved. She moved to another sofa and fished around in her bag until she found some homework. She refused to cry but couldn’t get over the fact that Rhyley had done that to her. Things had seemed to be on course for getting better yesterday, but now he had ruined it.

Rhyley got up and left, looking annoyed. Sandra just got on with her work. She was too trusting. She should be more like Roger: wary and careful. Some boys just weren’t trustworthy. But that thought hurt when she thought of their first kiss. Was he always going to be so inconstant?


The End

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