Sandra (5): The Other OptionMature

At some point, Sandra decided there was nothing she could do about the fact that she had hurt Rhyley and the way he had hurt her back. So she went to the table, sat down and pulled out some Maths homework. Roger came to sit beside her, getting out the latest novel he had been reading and opening it at the bookmark to continue where he had last left off. Sandra could have kissed him at that moment. Roger was hard not to love at the best of times and Sandra loved him like a brother anyway because they had been best friends for so long. She wondered what would have happened if Roger had been her soulmate. Would their current relationship have made it awkward or easy to become more than just friends? She paused in her homework, suddenly remembering something from the conversation that had happened just now which hadn’t made a lot of sense to her.

“What did Rhyley mean when he said you could have me if you really wanted me?”

Roger looked up at her.

“Well, as well as being a werewolf, I happen to be the son of the Alpha of the pack.”

“Oh yeah - he called you Alpha’s son,” Sandra remembered.

Roger nodded.

“And with that, come more powers, one of which is the ability to take a soulmate from their fated partner and make them yours.” Roger frowned. “It’s one an Alpha’s child is hesitant to use since it will leave the fated partner and their own soulmate without a soulmate. But I could do it.”

“Oh...” Sandra didn’t know what to say. It could be useful if Rhyley really turned out to be horrible, she thought, but then again she didn’t want to deprive Roger’s soulmate (whoever they were) of one of the kindest guys she knew.

“Yeah,” Roger said, looking like he knew what she was thinking.

“Well, er, ... at least I know about that option now.”

Roger nodded. Sandra could think of nothing else to say so she looked back at her homework, trying to get back into it. Unexpectedly, Roger closed his book. She glanced up to see him looking at her searchingly.

“Sandra... you know in the library when I told you what kind of a guy Rhyley was...?” Roger asked slowly.

Sandra cottoned on instantly.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for not taking your side.” She hesitated briefly. “I don’t agree with it personally, but ... maybe it’s not our right to tell people they’re wrong for living their lives like that. In the end, it’s people’s choice, and if it’s how he says, with him only dating girls who want similar things..., it’s not hurting anyone. ”

Roger nodded slowly.

“I see where you’re coming from.” He frowned. “It’s just... don’t you ever feel like there was meant to be ... more to it than that?”

Sandra smiled slightly.

“Roger, that’s the reason I’m chaste.”

“Of course, of course.” He sighed. “The amount of times he took a girl outside at one of my dad’s parties, though...”

Sandra winced.


Roger nodded.

“Anyway, are we staying here until the end of school?”

“If you don’t mind. I don’t fancy going all the way to the library. Hopefully no one will mind if we’re working quietly.”

“I’m sure they won’t.” Roger smiled at her briefly and then resumed his book.

And for the rest of the afternoon no one disturbed them. When the last bell of the day sounded the pair packed up their things and left, walking over to the car park where Sandra’s dad was waiting in the car, studying a crossword with a pen in his mouth. The journey home was pretty much silence all the way. Sandra found herself thinking about Rhyley. His last words still scared her. It was ironic how after she had suggested that he just wanted him for sex she had tried to justify his behaviour to Roger. If he had still been there, she wondered, what would he have said? She was so uncertain on whether he was a good person who in the end had pretended to be nasty or someone who had been the bad guy all along but had pretended to be all right at first.

She was slightly startled when they arrived at Roger’s house and her best friend said, “See you tomorrow, Sandra.”

“I’ll see you too,” she told him, and watched him make his way to his front door.

Well, if the worst came to the worst, she could become Roger’s. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that either.


The End

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