Sandra (4): The Reality of SoulmatesMature

It was more than Sandra could take. She rose to her feet and made for the door, only to see that since Jonah was in the other room practising there was no way to leave. She put her head against the door and wished that she could wake up from this horrible nightmare.

“Roger, you said,” she said angrily and distraughtly. “You said that you’d interrupt if he didn’t tell it straight.” Her desperation turned into provocation. “Roger, that jerk wants to sleep with me. He wants to sleep with me meaninglessly and make me betray my chastity.”

“Your chastity?!” Rhyley exclaimed, shocked. “You’re chaste?!”

Sandra ignored this.

“Roger, tell him he’s insane. Tell him that he’s never going to touch me, and that if he does, he’ll be sorry. Tell him, Roger.”

Roger only sounded very sorry as he said, “I won’t let him hurt you, Sandra, but he wasn’t lying to you.”

Sandra leant heavily against the door and almost started crying.

“This is mad - this is all mad. You’re mad and he’s mad and the whole world is mad. Werewolves, predestined soulmates? I mean, what sort of thing is that to tell your best friend, Roger? What have I done to deserve this?”

There was the sound of someone’s chair moving and then footsteps. Sandra tensed, bracing herself for ... well, she didn’t know what, but she was afraid. And then Roger touched her back and said, “Nothing, Sandra. But I won’t let this be hell for you.”

And whether it was Roger’s comforting touch or promise that she wouldn’t get hurt, Sandra turned and clung onto him, wanting an anchor, needing someone that she trusted in a now unfamiliar world.

She held him for a good few minutes, and for all that time Roger held her as well, stroking her back soothingly, whispering “We can get through this, Sandra. I will never let you down.”

When Sandra finally felt like she could face the world again, she let go of Roger and took a deep breath. She then built up the courage to look over at Rhyley. The other boy was staring at the wall opposite him, his face saying ‘I don’t believe this’.

“Rhyley... are you okay?” Sandra asked hesitantly. “I... I’m sorry for what I said. I’m sure you’re not as bad as I suggested...”

Rhyley blinked and looked at her.

“Oh, I’m a wicked monster, Sandra. And I’m definitely out for your virginity.” He pulled a phone out of the pocket of his jeans and called someone.

“Hey, Jonah, let’s go. I’ve had enough.”

The drumming abruptly stopped. The door opened and Rhyley stood up.

“Well, you can stay there if you like,” he told Roger and Sandra as he passed them. “I don’t care.”

Sandra was paralysed. Roger reached out to hold her again but she didn’t feel it. She had been horrifically unfair and hurt Rhyley’s feelings. But the way he had said that he was out for her virginity had made her uncertain of whether he was being bitter and just saying it... or absolutely meant it. ... What if it was the latter?

And even if it wasn’t, Sandra’s chastity was a sensitive subject. There had been many points in her life when she had wondered if her chastity would mean that no guy would ever want to date her. Like many romantics, Sandra had imagined having a soulmate (though, admittedly, she hadn’t brought supernatural creatures into the equation), and she had always dreamt that this person would be perfectly suited to her, would respect her and understand her completely, and would have absolutely no problem with her chastity. So the fact that Rhyley - her supposed real-life soulmate - had come out with a statement that disrespected what she wanted, showed a disregard for her feelings, and presented a clear objection to her chastity meant that a part of her which had held onto the daydreams of Fate planning something nice for her after months of torment shattered. How could this ever work out?


The End

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