Rhyley (3): SandraMature

Rhyley made his way into the library. He was not doing well on the homework front. The homework he had slipped under Mr Rapler’s door before going to registration had been due in last Friday and that weekend he had somehow managed to complete a grand total of one sheet of homework. Hence this uncustomary trip to the library for a student who much preferred to spend his P.S.’s in the common room watching TV, playing videogames or snooker, or chatting with mates. That was probably where Jonah and Willis were right now. Rhyley glanced around the tables and saw that most were taken up by a class working on some sort of project or other. He saw that their supervising teacher was Miss Dyner and so guessed that the subject was Geography. The only space he could see was at a table with a girl reading Wuthering Heights who had black hair tied back in a ponytail...

Fate will find a way. The library? Really?

Rhyley sighed and walked over to join her. Well, he had to see if she was Sandra.

He sat down opposite her and drew out his Economics folder and pencil case from his satchel. He wondered what to say, how to start a conversation and decided on, “Is that good?”, referring to the book.

The girl lowered her book, looking surprised.

“Are you talking to me?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Rhyley answered, feeling extremely awkward.

She frowned slightly. A sort of recognition entered her eyes.

“Hey... aren’t you that guy...?”

“Yeah,” Rhyley replied, embarrassed all over again at how he had asked if he knew her earlier on.

“Depends on your taste,” she said, in answer to his first question. It took him a while to figure out that telling him about the quality of her book was what she was doing. “I mean, I like it.”

“Oh, that’s good...” Rhyley wasn’t really a bookish person. But it sounded painfully abrupt when the next words that left his mouth were “So, um, what’s your name?” He cringed inside, very aware of how much of an idiot he must sound.

The girl smiled, almost sympathetically.

“Sandra. Yours?”

Sandra. The name went through Rhyley like a bolt of electricity. There was no longer any doubt in his mind. This girl sitting in front of him was his soulmate.

“Rhyley,” Rhyley answered.

Sandra’s eyes widened.

“Rhyley?” If Rhyley had not had a Wolf Dream about Sandra last night, if he hadn’t known that the soulmate had one too, Sandra should have been embarrassed to react like that. But as it was, he was glad she had, because it meant that Sandra had had the counterpart of the Wolf Dream.

“Yeah.” He gave her a meaningful look. “Last night you had a dream, right?”

“How did you know?” she asked, even more quietly - and this time from shock rather than from a desire to stay under the radar of the librarians. “This is weird... What’s going on?”

“I can’t explain it all here,” Rhyley told her. It was far too much to reveal in the school library. “But I can tell you that I had a dream too.”

“Right... When will you tell me, then?”

“Um...” Rhyley thought. “My friend does drum practice every Monday period 6. There’s a little quiet room where you can listen to someone playing but where you’re not in the same room as them. No one will mind if we go there.”

“Oh... so where should I meet you? I don’t know where this room is.”

“What d’you have period 5?”


“I’ll meet you outside the Conal building then.” Rhyley knew, from the compulsory years of French lessons that that was where the subject was taught.

Sandra nodded.


It was very trusting of her to agree to this, Rhyley thought. But it was working to his advantage so he didn’t comment on it.

“Can... Roger come?” she asked suddenly.

“Roger?” Rhyley questioned.

As if on cue, Roger appeared.

Rhyley stiffened. Oh no. Not this Roger. Any Roger but this one.

The Roger who had appeared was none other than Roger Steelfang.

Oh, how wonderful.


The End

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