Sandra (2): Roger the Grammar BoffinMature

“So! The results of Friday’s grammar test!” exclaimed the way too enthusiastic Mr Crimpton. He walked around the room, handing back the A4 sheets the class had written on, as well as a copy of the questions so that they could go through the test.

“Well done, Mr Steelfang,” he said, winking as he returned Roger’s test.  

“Thanks,” Roger murmured, trying to be modest. But Sandra looked at his test result and saw that it was rightfully difficult for him to balance modesty and pleasure at that moment.

“96%, Roger,” she whispered. “How do you do it?” Her own result turned out to be 80%, the benchmark for an A grade.

“I just.... grammar sticks,” he told her. “I’m not very good at speaking,” he pointed out.

“You are good at speaking - you just have higher standards than the rest of us,” she argued.

But by now Mr Crimpton had got back to the front and was addressing the class again.

“We’re going to go through the test now. Anything that you didn’t get, please make a note of and remember for the future! Remember, grammar is importantfor your exam.”

And so the class went through the exam. It turned out that the two mistakes (the test being out of 50) that Roger had made were forgetting the final ‘s’ of ‘peignes’ when conjugating ‘peindre’ into the tu form of the present tense and forgetting the last ‘e’ to make ‘allé’ agree in ‘Elle est allée’.

“Really annoying mistakes,” he muttered.

“Roger, if you had got 100%, I’d be scared,” Sandra told him.

“Of what?” he said, confused.

“Of your superhuman intelligence,” she teased. “No one’s perfect, Roger - and if you beat yourself up about 4%, I won’t talk to you for the rest of today.”

“Fine then,” Roger sighed, though he was smiling when he said it.

The rest of the lesson was dedicated to going through a text on clandestine immigration. When the lesson ended Sandra and Roger had to go in different directions again because the former had Maths while the latter had Spanish.

The next time Sandra saw Roger was Period 3, their first P.S. on a Monday (the other being last period). Sandra sat at a table and Roger put his bag in front of the chair beside her, but he said “I need to print some stuff off the computer - save my space for when I get back, 'kay?”

“Sure,” Sandra replied. As Roger walked off to find a free computer, she pulled Wuthering Heights out of her schoolbag, as well as notepad and a pen for copying out good quotes (the title of the A2 English Literature course was ‘Love Through The Ages’ and she would need quotes from literary works in the exam). She put her bag under the table and made herself comfortable in the chair before opening the book at her bookmark and beginning to read.


The End

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