Rhyley (2): Fate finds a wayMature

Oh you fool, Rhyley thought as he made his way from the labs to his own tutor room. That was probably her and now it’s going to be really awkward to approach her again. He hadn’t been able to help it, though. As he had looked at her across the foyer, he had been struck by something like lightning, except that this had been a bolt of recognition instead of static electricity - and the thunder following had been the thought ‘I know this girl...’. And hence the question ‘... do I know you?’.

Rhyley had to say that from one glance, he wasn’t very impressed by the girl. She had had black hair tied back in a sensible ponytail, and she had been wearing practical school-style shoes with small heels, school-style navy blue trousers and a dark jumper against the cold. Her curves had been sadly underdeveloped and the only vaguely interesting thing about her was her pale blue-grey eyes: two pools of colour in the midst of all those darker hues. Still, Rhyley knew that for his soulmate he would have to persevere to see the good qualities in her. Perhaps underneath all that boring sensibility that girl was as wild as any chick he’d dated.

Reaching his tutor room, Rhyley found a seat at a double desk where two of his other friends were already talking.

“Hey, Rhyley,” they greeted him cheerfully.

“How was Amelie last night?” Willis asked, winking.

Rhyley shook his head.

“She’d kill me if I said anything.”

“But good, right?” Willis asked.

“No, she suddenly got awful,” Rhyley said sarcastically. “Of course she was good.”

“You seeing her tonight? Jonah and I were planning to go catch a film at the cinema.”

“Well, actually... I’m not going to be seeing her anymore,” Rhyley confessed.

Jonah blinked.


Willis looked confused.

“Did Rhyley just say what I think Rhyley just said?”

Rhyley smiled wryly.

“I had the Dream, guys - my days of fun girls like Amelie are over.”

Willis winced.

“Tough luck, mate.”

“Who is she?” Jonah asked curiously.

“Well, all I know is that she’s called Sandra. Not much to go on, is it?”

“No...” Jonah said. “But Fate finds a way. I remember when my brother had his Dream about Tamrita. She was American and he managed to meet her on an exchange programme. That was pretty awkward for the both of them.”

“Did it work out, though?” Rhyley asked.

“Yeah - they kept in touch after the exchange, and when Tamrita came over for university they met up in the holidays. They’re talking about marriage now.”

“So young,” Willis commented. “I have no intention of marrying at 24.”

Jonah shrugged.

“I doubt Darryn did either. But that’s Fate for you.”

“I think it’s scary,” Willis admitted.

“Me too,” Rhyley murmured, thinking about the girl he’d seen earlier and how it could all go wrong if his soulmate wasn’t his type.

“That film tonight sounds like it would be a good thing for you,” Jonah said thoughtfully. “Having to leave Amelie and face up to the idea of a soulmate.”

Rhyley nodded.

“If you found her by the end of today, you could invite her along to the cinema for our approval,” Willis suggested, grinning.

“No way!” Jonah protested. “Lads’ Night is Lads’ Night. I don’t want her coming if she’s boring.”

“Guys, guys, I won’t bring her along,” Rhyley assured them. “Meet you at the school gates at half four, okay?”

“Okay,” they replied in unison.

The bell for lessons rang and the tutor filled in the electronic register as the students filed out. As Rhyley headed for Chemistry, he wondered if he would find his soulmate today. He thought of that girl again. He probably already had. Why else the strange reaction? If so, he’d have to find a way to talk to her again that wasn’t as embarrassing. What a start to the morning.


The End

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