The light of the setting sun shone through the trees, and lit the path like a row of burning torches. Branches crackled under the paws and hooves of scattered wildlife, and under the heavy boots of the two brothers, Henry and Fredrick Lobright. The sound of their presence startled many creatures around them, and they could hear the sound of many scurrying away. "We should have waited until nightfall. These beasts are going to see and hear us from a mile away!" said Henry.

"Well we might as well keep looking while we wait for the sun to go down. It won't be long now." Fredrick pointed his gun at the sinking sun through a hole in the forest roof. Henry nodded and they continued deeper into the trees, eventually leaving the path. The two of them did not need to hunt for the next weeks meal, for they were well supplied with wealth and food, but simply they hunted for the sport of it, and because it was their first time back in Colorado Territory since the Civil War had started. A chill began to fill the air as the warmth of the sun sank with it, and the two of them pulled their furs tightly around themselves.

"Keep your eyes open Fred!" said Henry, "we should be seeing some game soon." This statement was proven to be true as Fredrick spotted some tracks in the soft ground. They looked like they belonged to some sort of deer, and the both of them began following the trail. They followed the tracks and droppings left by the animal for some time, trying to move as soft and quiet as they could. They talked to each other softly on the way, deciding who would take the shot when they came to find the beast. The sun had completely disappeared behind the horizon, and the moon had taken its place in the sky. Being full, it provided almost as much light as the setting sun had, and Fredrick and Henry did not have problems seeing what lay in front of them.

"Hush up!" Henry pointed his gloved hand at a clearing in the trees, where a rather large whitetail deer stood, eating and illuminated by the moonlight. The both of them stopped in their tracks, and quieted themselves. It appeared as though the deer was unaware of their presence, and Frederick raised his gun. The only sound that could be heard was that of their heavy breaths, and the soft crackling of leaves under the deer's weight. He licked his lips as he lined up the shot, and Henry stroked his black beard with impatience. Frederick was about to pull the trigger when a soft snap was heard from across the clearing. Henry looked at his brother, who lowered the gun, slightly startled by the noise. The deer looked up from its grazing, and gazed in the direction of the sound.

"Take the damn shot Fred." Henry said as softly as he could. Fredrick raised the gun quickly and aimed it at the deer again, and put his finger over the trigger. Just as he let off the shot, a blur darted across the clearing in front of them, and they heard a "smack" as it took the deer with it to the other side. "Jesus Christ! What the hell was that?"

"I don't know!" Frederick lowered the gun and looked at where the deer used to be. There was a small trail of blood drops leading from where it stood, to where it had disappeared into the woods with the mysterious thing. "Looks like I hit it though!"

"Or whatever in hell took it away!" Henry pointed his gun out when a sound was heard in the bushes. For a second, there was a faint growling coming from behind them, and something red came soaring into the clearing. They both looked at each other when the red mass was identified as the deer's mutilated head. Henry did not wait to turn and run, and Frederick took another shot into the bushes and joined him. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know, but hopefully we're fast enough so we don't have to find out!" Frederick turned his head to see if the thing was following them, and he began to run faster when he spotted a grey blur on their trails. Henry caught up with him after realizing the pursuer, but felt a sharp pain shoot through his foot, and fell to the ground. He looked at his foot and realized he must have kicked a rock, and quickly attempted to recover. As he got to his feet he was knocked back down, and found himself pinned by what had been chasing them. He felt claws dig deep into his shoulders, and let out a small whimper of pain. Henry turned his head to see what had him pinned, and found himself facing a set of large, red fangs dripping with fresh blood. The face of the attacker appeared to be one of a large wolf like creature, but he could tell that the body was larger, and more muscular than that of a wolf. He let out a loud scream as it sank it's fangs into his throat.

Frederick stopped in his tracks at the sound of the scream, and urged to see what was happening. He could not make out what was going on, but he ran in the direction of the noise. The screaming stopped abruptly as he approached. Fredrick ran to his brother’s side, and the beast had left. "What happened to you!" he knelt down beside Henry, not sure if he was even alive. His throat had been torn to pieces, flooding his body and the surrounding ground with blood. Too shocked for remorse and mourning, Fredrick stood up in silence and fear, clutching his rifle to his chest.

 A loud growl broke the silence, and he slowly turned around to face its source. Standing before him, upright on two legs, was an enormous wolf, even slightly taller than he. Its wolf like limbs were proportional that of a muscular man, but its head bore no resemblance, and was unmistakably that of a wolf's. The creature’s fangs and long claws dripped with blood, which also stained its coat in many areas. A hole could be seen through its shoulder, possibly from the shot meant for the deer. It let out a howl towards the sky, but was cut short by a blast from Fredrick's rifle. Stumbling backwards from the pointblank shot to the chest, the beast fell over a protruding root in the ground. He took another shot, this time aiming for its head, and silenced it. Shook up by the encounter and the death of his brother, Fredrick looked at both of their bodies, and passed out cold on the ground.

The End

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