Wolf's HowlMature

I hate hospitals, the smell, the air, the color, everything about it. I couldn’t stand walking into hospitals and sitting on the blank white chairs, just watching the clock tick away another unmoving man’s life. “Tick tock tick tock goes the clock.”

“Nobody likes Hospitals, Azzu.” She said, rolling her eyeballs. “But we just have to lump It don’t we.” My sister, a short, slim, regal figure of authority, with a firm mask but gentle backing.

I clenched my fists. They would never understand, why I hated hospitals most of all. I couldn’t stand the stench, the sounds….the sights.
I walked into little pale room, with pale lights, and the small ticking clock.
“Tick tock tick tock goes the clock…run run catch him catch him tick tock goes the clock…”

I greeted my grandfather, and sat in silence on the seat, watching him sleep. My insides twisted. The few words of conversation were drowned out by the sound of the nurse’s footsteps. I twisted within my skin, as the scene disappeared, and a dream, a picture began playing in my mind.

“It was dark dark dark….they were there…” We’re my sister sat, was a lady carrying a baby in her arms. The man in the bed was young, but covered in wires and needles.
The nurse walked in…
“Tick tock tick tock goes the clock, goes the clock...”
They began to drag him out on the wheels of his bed. The injection, the blearing white lights, the doctor’s steady hands, slicing his stomach open. I winced at the blood, before my mind returned to the present.
“Azzu!” My mother whispered sternly. “Go, talk to your grandfather.”

I smiled, as I walked to the side of the bed. The last patient, the one before my grandfather, who slept in this same room on the same bed as he did….did not live to see his baby child grow to be a man. His memory stayed, locked within the room, indented within the walls, plaguing me, just me, as they always did. In every room, in every hospital.

  As he fell asleep, I walked back to my seat, fiddling with my fingers.
“It was so dark…” He whispered. The one only I could still hear and that which others couldn’t.  

“Tick tock tick tock…
No more clock…
Time has stopped…” 

The End

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