The morning afterMature

I couldn't go to class the next morning. I kept seeing that body being torn apart by the wolves, the blood on Sasha's lips. It made my heart sick, my stomach tied in knots. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. I spent hours laying on my bed, shaking and sweating, running to the bathroom to vomit. I felt weak and pathetic bent over the toilet, cold sweat beading on my skin. I hated it.

Curled up on my bed, my stomach empty of substance, I felt pitiful. Just to lay there, sick and vulnerable, alone in the dark. And nobody would understand but a wolf with a conscious. And I was one of a kind.

I heard a knock on the door. Then a second. A key in the lock, turning the knob, opening and closing. "Alex?"

"Bedroom..." I called weakly, pulling my blanket up over my bare hips.

"Rough night?" Her voice was like honey, smooth and sweet.

"Very..." I grunted, sitting up.

She smiled, her face lighting up. She looked like an angel in that high school band shirt, her hair tossed up in a bun with a pencil stuck through it. There was barely a trace of make up on her face, not she need any at all.

She sat on the bed next to me, setting a hand on  my forehead. "What did you do last night? You never skip class."

I wish I could tell you. "I stayed up late last night to study and finish some late work is all. I think I got food poisoning from that Chinese I ate..."

"You had Chinese and you didn't call me?" She scolded. "And here I thought we were best friends..."

"Hey, it's a good thing I didn't call you. If I had we would both be puking our guts out. Who would take care of me then?"

She laughed. "Point taken."

I smiled. Just her being here made me feel human. "So what did I miss today?"

She shrugged. "Not much, lectures, papers assigned, essay due today if you forgot."

"Finished and emailed in."

"Good. I made copies of all of the notes I took today and I brought you a copy of the paper assignment as well."

"What would I do with out you, Jess?"

"Fail all your classes and get your sorry ass kicked out."

"Very true."

She moved to cross her legs, turning to face me better, those jeans hugging her body so perfectly as she moved. Reaching up, she pulled her pencil free of her hair, letting the dark gold waves fall to the middle of her back, curling around her face.

Frowning at the pencil in her hand, she shook her head. "I've been looking for this all day."

Chuckling, I pulled the blankets  higher on my waist. "Well, you found it."

Sighing with disgust, she set it down beside her. "Ridiculous."

"What? The fact that you put your hair up with a pencil or the fact that you forgot about it?"

She glared at me. "Oh hush up."

Those blue-green eyes melted my heart. She was so beautiful, even when she was trying to be all serious and mad.

"Are you hungry?" She asked, getting up again.

I shook my head. The thought of eating made my stomach do back flips. "I'll just puke it up again."

She shrugged, heading for the kitchen. "Your loss."

I watched her leave my room, the swish of her hips, the way her hair brushed her back as she moved. I could feel that hunger burn, the heat that took over my skin. I could see myself following her to the kitchen, lifting her to sit on the counter, tearing clothes from her body. Taking her right then and there, not a human thought in my head. Not that I was using it anyways.

Forcing myself out of bed, I pulled on a pair of jeans. I really needed to learn self control around her. She was my friend, the only human I didn't disturb with my werewolf vibes. The prey should never befriend the predator.

"So you decided to get up?" She asked me as I walked down the hall.

"Gotta move some time, don't I?"

Her bag was on the kitchen table, the T.V. turned on to one of those Sirius music channels. She was dancing at the counter, spreading peanut butter on a piece of toast, a second piece waiting for the blackberry jam I only bought for her. She was singing every word as she worked, a smile on her face.

Sitting down at the table, I pulled my laptop over, turning it on. I wanted to just sit and watch her as creepy as that sounded.

"Watch ya' looking at?" She asked, sitting next to me, pulling her bag towards her.

"Just checking my email." There was Sasha's name, top three emails. And one from my mom.

"Who's Sasha?"

I snapped the laptop shut. "No one." The words came out sharper than I meant. I just didn't want her to know about the pack. Or anybody in it.

"Ok, no need to be testy, I was just wondering." She sounded hurt.

"Sorry, I don't mean it like that."

"Old girlfriend?" She didn't even look at me when she asked. She just flipped through her math book, her eyes scanning the pages with out really seeing them.

"No, she's not."


Dammit... I should have just ignored her, Sasha wasn't worth it. Not if it made Jessie angry. "She's an old family friend. She obsessed with me."

"So, what's the big deal?"

"She's a stalker, keeps telling me we're getting married and shit... she's freaky as hell."

She smiled. "So you're embarrassed about her?"

I shrugged. "I guess. I just keep ignoring her."

She looked at me, those blue-green eyes laughing at me. "You are so strange some times."

"Thanks." I said sarcastically. "Now give me those notes."

Chuckling, we settled down into our homework. It was better she believed I was a strange human with a  stalker than a wolf engaged to a killer.

The End

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