Wolf's BaneMature

My story for NaNoWriMo!!!! Thought I would post it, just for fun!!

I could feel the sunset, the way that burning disc settled down beyond the skyline. Moon rise was coming, my time to wake. My time of freedom.

It was the night of The Hunt, the harvest moon was rising. I would be forced to travel to the forest tonight, to act as a member of the pack.

I despised The Hunt, the barbaric act of it. Three humans released into unfamiliar forest land and a pack of close to thirty wolves on their trail. It was cruel and vicious to the poor humans, either brutally murdered and tore to pieces that disappeared down the throats of the wolves or the lucky one, the last to breath, is bitten, turned into a beast, the human that becomes a wolf.

I wish I could say that is what happened to me, that I wasn't born a wolf. I wish I could say I was attacked and forced to become this  creature that I was. Unfortunately, I was  born a wolf and not just any wolf. No, my father was the pack leader, our beloved Alpha. My mother was just one of his females. And I was just one of his many offspring. And the only male out of the bunch.

Don't get me wrong now, there are things I do enjoy about being a wolf, the freedom, the pack connections, the trust we share. When you need them, they are there, even for the loners such as myself.

I picked up my coat and keys as the sun sank lower, the golden sky turning gray and purple in the twilight. I was waiting until the last minute to leave, just like always, I didn't dare be late to the clearing. My father had a quick temper and a vicious hand. The halls of my building were fairly empty, a few young adults like myself arriving home from class or leaving for work. non had a clue about what I would soon take part in.

My car purred under my hands, making me smile. This was my one indulgence, my one gift from my father that I actually enjoyed. A leek and shiny sapphire blue 2005 Mustang GT, my pride and joy. The engine roared under the hood as I revved it, grinning from ear to ear. I was ready to run.

Out of the city limits, I floored the accelerator, racing through the growing night. I rarely pushed my car, but it felt good to let that engine sing, to feel it hum and ring with power. My one thing from the pack that I truly enjoyed.

Parking beside my siblings, I listened to the wolf song sounding in the trees. I could pick out the voices of the older wolves that I knew. My father, my sisters, and there was the old Alpha, Max, his deep voice echoing through the trees along side my father's. We would have the full pack out tonight.

I moved to the clearing on foot, my hands in my pockets. It was a cool summer night, the threat of fall on the crisp breeze. The trees would be clear of wildlife tonight, the scent of wolf was everywhere. Not even a rat would dare show it's pointy face tonight.

"Brother!" I was greeted with a hug from my sister, Jessie. "It's good to see you! No classes tonight?" She was all smiles, those chocolate brown eyes sparkling with laughter.

I shook my head, smiling. "Good thing too. I can't afford to miss another test."

"Is our family genius afraid of an F?" She teased.

"No, I'm afraid of a B." I joked, giving her a one armed hug, dragging her beside me as we walked. "Where is Father?"

Her brown eyes turned stone hard. "He is currently occupied."

My blood turned to ice in my veins. He had chosen a new female already? His last one just had three of his pups and was carrying a fourth!

"How old is she?"


"Shit..." That girl's future was gone. My mother had been eighteen when the Alpha had chosen her. She never went to college, couldn't hold a job and she had six wolf pups to teach and train along side her sisters.

"Are you excited for The Hunt?" She asked, a hungry spark lighting in her face. "Jack said the three they picked this time should give us a good hunt."

My stomach twisted in a knot, the bile rising in my throat. The thought of  tearing apart a human's flesh  was sickening to me. I worked and lived with them, studied beside them, hung out with them. I couldn't kill them.

I forced myself to smile, to swallow my disgust and act excited. "Really now? What did they bring in for us?"

"Jack said one of them is a high school linemen, big and strong apparently, think he'll squeal like a little girl?"

I shrugged. "Who knows, what about the other two?"

She shrugged. "Don't know, Jack only knew about the one..."

I nodded. "Should be a fun night."

Smiling, Jessie nodded. "I can't wait." A strong call rang out, an unfamiliar voice to my ears that sounded in the cool night air. Her head turned to the sound, listening. "I have to go, I have a meeting before The Hunt is to start." she waved and jogged away, her tall graceful frame becoming a pale gold wolf as she vanished into the trees.

A mating is more like it... I shook my head, shoving my hands deeper into my pockets. The workings of the wolf pack were so different from the workings of humans. I hated it. Humans had complications in their own places, but wolves had different complications. And different ways of solving them.

As the wolf song grew louder, more powerful, demanding, I knew The Hunt would be starting soon.


I shut my eyes at the sound of his voice, my body ridged. I knew he would find me sooner or later.

I turned to face those ice blue eyes, a smooth smile on his lips.


"Hello, my son."

The End

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