I sighed. I looked away. I looked back at her, breaking the silence,

"The way I see it, you're stuck with me. Lupe is... I mean... was, like a father to me, and his word goes, but I need to go find the people that did that to him, to me. I know you didnt know him, but, fact is you owe him. you do. So, today we pack, set off tonight, wolf form, But somethings going to happen here, so we need to go as soon as possible. see, all the wolves are leaving already. its like, when lupe died, part of the sanctuary, the old sanctuary, the strength behind this place died with him... So what do you say? you coming with or am I going to have to carry you out of here?"

through this whole spontaneous speech I had been looking carefully over her shoulder, or down at the floor. But in the last words I let my dark eyes click into hers. I waited, the air tense with expectation and crackling with energy.

The End

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