"Want me to be straight up with you?" I looked at her, my dark eyes boring into hers.

"Straight up." She said, eyeing me cooly back. I sighed and avoided her gaze.

"I dunno. Simple. Call it a gut feeling." I stood up and started to pace, hoping that my back would end the conversation. I sighed, trying to quel the fear slowly rising in my chest. Lupe should be back by now. It was then a silver wolf dragged itself into the hut. immediatly I knew it was lupe. Tears budded in my eyes. Looking at him he had at least one broken leg, one rib was fractured, blood was streaked through his fur, a massive gash along his trachea, half his tail had been bitten off, and every time he breathed there was a hacking sound.

There was a subdued squel from the corner. She'd turned around. Lupe phased back in front of me. If anything his human body looked worse, bones sticking at angles they shouldn't have been. Blood everywhere. Yet, he still managed to have calmness in his eyes. He beckoned me closer.

"Tyler. You know as well as I do I'm not gonna make it through this." he started, coughing, blood spattering on my cheek. Add a pierced lung to that injury list.

"Look after the girl. like it or not your fate and hers are intertwined." Another, painful, hacking cough.

"Sure sure, what happened Lupe? there was just one, and you're so much stronger than me...."

"Oldest trick in the book kiddo, had about ten other hunters hanging round the corner." Another Cough. He grunted this time, and involitary moan escaping his lips. "Right, greatest adventure and all that." His eyes stopped seeing. With his last breath he didn't say something witty, he didn't give me words of wisdom, he didnt tell me what to do. all he said was "Lianne. I'm coming."

The girl looked at me, tears in her eyes as well, "Lianne?"

I looked down, I couldnt meet her eyes, my throat seized up.

"lets bury him." We dug in silence, about two dozen dark coloured wolves watching from the treeline. I lowered lupe to the bottom of the hole, placing an emerald ring on the centre of his chest. She started to fill the whole in. I slowly watched my last friend in this world pass into the next. I love you lupe. We walked back to my hut in silence.

as we approached the front down I'd finally summoned enough courage to say
"Lianne was his wife. The hunters killed her."

The End

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