The Hunters forced me to the ground again due to the sheer weight of their bodies. I was near to total exhaustion now, after the battering I had taken and the little rest I'd had in recent times. But I took down as many of them as was possible. The noise was deafening, their tearing relentless.

Suddenly there was a massive snarl, causing most of the wolves to break away. A large, powerful wolf put himself between me and the others, attacking them and killing all but the remaining leader. He began to back off, realising that he was on his own now. He then fled, the new wolf giving chase. As they disappeared down the hill, I felt the pressure roll from my shoulders, the tension of the Hunt evaporating from my muscles. I phased back into human form, taking deep breaths.

They're gone... 

Finally I gave in to my injuries, my legs folding, my sight fading to dark.

A while later, I regained conciouness. My entire body throbbed and ached. I was wrapped in a blanket and had been laid down by a fire which threw a welcome warmth over my bruised muscles. The room seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it.  

 "You ok?"

I turned to see Tyler watching me uncertainly. I remembered the powerful wolf that had thrown himself between me and the Hunters. Something around his eyes hinted at the wolf he could become.

"You came after me?" I replied, suprised. My voice came out slightly raw.

He just nodded, looking away. I painfully sat up, feeling a lot of wounds along my sides healing already.

"Ouch." I muttered, lifting my top to inspect the damage. Even though they were partially healed, some of the wounds were still deep. A lot of my body, where I had not been cut, was bruised a deep angry purple.

I looked up to see Tyler watching me with a peculiar expression on his face. He quickly cleared his expression when he met my eyes.

"Are you okay?" I asked, suddenly self-concious. I pulled my top down again.

"Yeah." He grunted. "You should go back to sleep. Lupe should be back soon." He looked away again and I realised he was watching the door.

Waiting for Lupe?

"Thank you Tyler." I looked down. "It wasn't your fight to get involved in."

He glanced at me in suprised. "Don't mention it."

There were a few minutes silence. I absorbed the room properly this time. It was the same place they had taken me before, a small, comfortable room, with a thick rug by the fire, which was large, dominating most of one wall. There were a series of large windows along another wall. A couch lay near the door, where I had been placed last time. I strained my ears, but all I could hear were the logs settling in the fire. I turned my gaze to Tyler, who seemed to be completely focused on the door. The firelight played over the planes of his face, accentuating his features. His dark hair was messy, like he had run his hands through it a number of times. His eyes were slightly shadowed, bruise-like smudges underneath them. He had a scratch that dissappeared under the collar of his shirt, and a deep cut on one arm. Other than that, he seemed uninjured. It was strange being alone with him. He no longer seemed so hostile and the agression he'd shown me before had gone.

"Tyler... why did you come?" I made sure not to look at him, since I didn't want to see the expression on his face. "Why didn't you just let me go?" I kept my eyes fixed down, not daring to look up. I waited for him to reply.

The End

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