60 seconds past before the red mist left.

"I'm gonna go after her." I growled at lupe. He nodded wisely.

"I knew you would." I left, not even bothering with a door, phasing in the living room then bounding through the window. I paused breifly to howl, letting the others know something was up. At the end of the day we might not have been friends, we might hate each other, but we always protect our own. 

I sprinted. Girly might have been quick, but not even the wind could catch me. I picked up her sent and ran, the trees bluring around me, choruses of howls at my heels, a distance away, which was growing with every passing stride of my powerful legs. the wind whipped through my jet black fur, my muscles ripling underneath, and my cainines exposed. It was the the stench of the hunters hit me. I roared and pushed myself faster. I felt a weird connection to her. like. without her, I wouldn't be able to do something or. I dunno. it was stupid I know but, I had to save her. I  caught sight of her soon after breaking the tree line, I saw her, there were about six, three dead bodies gone already. I howled again and ripped through the grass, at that point in time I had never felt more wolfish, I was completely under my senses, anger pumping through my body, with every heartbeat i ran quicker, my eyesight became better and my reactions were faster, I jumped, landing on the back of one, breaking his neck instantly, my powerful jaws clamping then twisting, I howled ferociously, in love with the bloody battle. three other wolves joined me. emmersed in their own fights quickly. That left two. and girly. I looked, there was the leader, and a beta hunter next to him, circling round her. she was weak. blood pouring from open wounds. She was shaking. struggling to even stand. The beta wolf was circling in.

The very air seemed to slow me down, a massive snarl errupted from my lips, my teeth gleaming, dripping with hunter blood. These bastards would pay. for every little thing. they'd ever done.

I leapt into the hunter's side, my head connecting solidly, I heard the cracking and splintering of his ribs. I did stop biting and scratching at every thing I could touch. this bastard would pay. Finally he stopped figting back. I bit down on his neck and ripped out his trachea to make sure he would never breath again. I stared at the alpha hunter. I can only imagine what he saw. Four fully fleged wolves, one standing slightly forward between him and his prey. the front wolves jet black fur streaked with blood. Cold blue eyes stairing at him with cold fury, hackles raised. The Hunter started to back off, slowly, then running.

I knew I had him. I knew it. I ran, catching up with him. I'm gonna get him, then the Hunter Cheif. Sorted. Suddnely a silver wolf appeared in front of him.


He looked straight into the wolfs cool eyes. The wolf gestured back to where Tyler had come from

The Girl...

I nodded my shaggy head begrudlingly, Setting off back to the hill.

10 minutes later and I had carried her back to the front of lupes fire, giving her tea, wrapped her in a blanket, her wounds were already healing because of our nature, but she'd be under the weather for a few days. Lupe was in front of the council. This was an unprecidented attack. he knew it was only a few days, maybe less, before a full on war. We had to be ready. We had to be ready. We had to be.

I looked at her uncertainly "You ok?" She turned her cool gaze from the fire to me.

The End

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