There was a deathly silence following Tyler's outburst.

"If you remember it was you who made me stay." I said eventually in a dangerously soft voice, getting up. "And since I did not want to stay, I shall act on my original plans."

Ignoring Tyler's spluttered protests, I turned to Lupe again.

"Thank you for everything you have done." I said, smiling "And I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused."

He smiled kindly at me. "This is a sanctury. All are welcome here as some need to remember." He gave a warning look at Tyler which was pointedly ignored.

I walked to the door then paused. "The reason they are chasing me...I used to be one of them. Then I realised it wasn't going to bring anyone back. So I left. They didn't like it. Now I'm on the run."

With that, I left, phasing in the hall and bursting out of the house at full speed. I made for a hill I knew was nearby.

Time to put an end to the running. I'm sick of fighting all the time. I want a shard of normality, time to relax, to build a life.

I tore through the forest and found myself quickly rejoined by a group of werewolf Hunters. After a long time running, we finally broke out the forest. The others were close enough for me to feel their breath on my heels.

I climbed the brow of the hill with seconds to catch my breath. Wheeling to face them, I watched at they fanned out. It was clear that this was to be an Extermination. These Hunters were here to kill. We faced off, a small group picking at me, but after I took several of them down, they changed tactic. I'd accumulated several small injuries. A leader-type hung back a little, a trio of slashes bleeding across his muzzle. Suddenly he gave a short howl.

They all came at me at once. I howled in pain as they tore at every part of my body they could reach. I took two down, then a third before they backed off, prompted by a larger, leader-type. I'd taken a lot of damage now but I howled in defiance.

No more. I will not suffer this anymore.

I howled again in pain as they came for me, more arriving at the base of the hill. I took more of them down, but as one fell, a fresh one took his place. I was being swamped. The leader howled once and they left me again. I stumbled to my paws, lifting my head slowly. I growled, challenging him. He snarled, showing canines stained with my blood. We circled each other, growling then finally faced off, his subordinated fanned out behind me. I could barely draw breath and my wounds seared but still I stood against them. I refused to let go. As they all leapt, I drew the last of my strength, letting the howl burst out, rolling down the hill and across the forest.

I will not fall without a cost. 

I'm taking as many of you whelps down with me, so fucking try me. I am not going to bow down to you anymore.

I will be free.

They hit me and I was swamped by the bodies, choking me. All over they tore at my body as I fought with everything but I was drowning.

You will not own me.

The End

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