Ha. even she couldnt get lupes story. so far i'm the only one hes told. and even then. there was massive holes.. but.  best leave it. he'll tell me in time. hes gotta. I turned to her.

"So. what the hell were you doing with that many hunters after you?"

She set her mouth. determined not to answer i could tell. i made the exact same face. This was getting freaky.

Both of us jumped as the kettle whistled.

"Tea anyone?" Lupe handed steaming mugs of hot lavender tea to both of us. I supped it. Smiling. reminded me of home. I hid the smile before she could see... but of course it was too late.
"Same as every other guy i imagine? way to your heart through your stomach" I made a face and Lupe just laughed.

I continued to sip as she made jibes about me. my hair, my eyes. i finally lost it.

"OK I don't know about you lupe but im sick of this. I saved your life, i brought you to the one person that can fucking help you and you dont even have the common courtesy to say why the hell you have that many hunters on one bloody woman! so tell you what. if your not gonna tell us you can fuck off!"

The End

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