I imagine Tyler's initial move was meant to be intimidating. He turned his eyes, shadowed by his dark hair to look at me. But as Tyler spoke, the memories of his past seemed to flicker like broken flim strips in my mind too. I could picture the girl he spoke of, the fight at the camp, the Hunters tearing at him and Lupe running in. He had hidden his face and I could tell that as painful as my story had been to tell, his was one few people ever heard.

At one point he looked up and I was struck by his dark eyes and the way that they held equal parts strength and struggle to put his past to rest. Something like anger flashed across his face and he hid his face again.

"So yeah..." He finished, clearly at a loss of what to say next. He refused to look at me, fixing his eyes on a spot somewhere over my shoulder. While he had been speaking I had kept my eyes lowered but now I looked up into his face fully.

"You can lay the past to rest, without leaving those stuck there behind. You can use mistakes to guide you, as long as you bear them all in mind. Whats most important is a true heart, that is brave, honest and kind" I half-chanted softly.

Tyler laughed. "What the hell was that?!"

"Something my mother taught me. Whenever I was sad, she'd hold me and say that. No matter what it was, that saying always brough me comfort."

I averted my face. I could hear my mother's voice whispering in my head.

"Remember most of all Ruby, to guard the ones you love. Never let them fall and never leave them."

"I promise, I could never leave them." I replied with a fierce smile.

"I know darling. I know you would never let us fall.."

I clenched my jaw, refusing to let anything show on my face. I'd let them all down. I cleared my throat.

"So Lupe, what about you?"

The End

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