Fall in love!? who does this girl think she is, some like, movie person! gah. then she had the nerve to ask for mine. barely told us anything about her! jesus. freaking. christ. i just wanna go on a run, wind in my fur, hunters in my teeth. sorted. but no. naturally lupe looks at me for my story. gah. I remember turning to her, this is where i freak people out, my dark eyes, shadow, dark hair flopping over.

"I wasn't born" her eyes widened. "I got turned. yeah. haha. sucks to be me. it hurts as much as they say. first comes the skin crawling of the hair growing under your skin. then every single muscle enlarging, the hyperness walking at night. then on my first turning I was with my girlfriend. bout two years ago. i was 16. been with her since i was twelve, I had told her I was scared of what was happening, Got on one knee about to propose, it was then i turned. scared shitless she ran, i didn't understand what was happening, ran after her, crying, it wasn't till i had bashed her in the back with my claw that I realised what had happened. killed her with one blow. same image every night. looking up at me, big eyes. filled with tears, confusion. ha. i killed the one person that made me normal. I'd never believed in supernatural stories. now I was in one." I looked at her. realising i'd let out more than I had meant to. fucking girl, no one heard that bit, only lupus. and i was half dead when i told him that. jesus. I hid under my hair. "Rests history. ask anyone at the camp. just went round, took on loads of hunters, took them all out. 4 at a time once, if things went hairy I'd run. nothing on earth can keep up with me. nothing. so i figured I was safe. then they jumped me. i was weak, no moon and no food for a couple of days. killed a few, but just as they were getting ready to finish me, old timer here came and saved me and thats my story. so yeah" i finished lamely, unsure of what next.

The End

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