Don't ask me how, but the older wolf, Lupus or Lupe for short, managed to calm me down. He had a kind of peaceful way with you.. Not like that hothead Tyler. He just got under my skin..

They both, naturally wanted to hear my story.

What do I have to lose? My story is nothing. I've never yet managed to find someone who could catch me running full speed and the window is in easy reach. If they don't like what they hear, I can leave easily.

" I was born to were parents, my father a werebear,my mother a werewolf. I was about six when I settled on a wolf form. I lived for a while in a community made up of werecreautres. My best friend was a werebear.We might have been siblings..." I paused, as this was where it got hard to talk. " When I was about ten, he betrayed us to Hunters, who attacked the community. My parents were killed. My twin brother was never seen after that day. I believe he was also killed then. I spent a long time hunting the one who cost me everything. We fought. He did not survive..." I swallowed hard, keeping a tight reign on my emotions. The passing years had not made any of the lose, anger or guilt any easier to bear.

Last time I tried to in a pack with three other wolves. I stayed there long enough to fall in love, before another betrayed us, jealous of our love. I was the only one to survive the raid, and even then only just. I have been Hunted ever since. I stay on the run so as not to endanger anyone else. I came here because I needed shelter to heal." I kept my head low, not looking at the two guys in front of me.

"What are your stories?" I said, hoping they would not persue mine.

The End

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