Brambles. Branches lash your slender muzzle. Growls close at your heels. Hunters. Your paws pounding the packed earth. Shouting behind you. Hunters. Your muscles are quivering. They keep pushing you on. More brambles. The Hunters. Unrelenting. Hunters. Hunters.

My eyes flickered open. I was lying on my back, somewhere unfamiliar. I moaned slightly, trying to sit up. The need to run was still beating in my mind. I had to get away. I tried to sit up again, this time noticing that someone else pushed me down.

"No chance." he grunted, his hand keeping me down. "You need rest."

If I had been wolf-form I'd have growled. "Let me up." I replied, shoving his hand away and sitting up again, stifling another groan. I ached all over and fine cuts laced most of my body, stinging.

"I told you to keep her down." Another male voice entered the room. The first one muttered something in response.

"I can hear you know." I said loudly, causing them to turn to me. "Thanks for the bed and all but you don't want me hanging around. I'll be off now." I felt bad for being rude but I wanted to get away, hopefully drawing the Hunters away. These men, as muscular they seemed, would not want to encounter a Hunter pack. Their isolation meant that they would be in danger.

"Look, you need help. That amulet marks you as a werewolf. This is a sanctuary. So lie down, listen and stop complaining." This was the first guy again.

I narrowed my eyes at him, his lack of manners igniting my frayed nerves.

 "A few manners go a long way. I don't take orders and I am not some subservient slave-bitch. Keep talking like that and you will end up on the wrong end of my temper. It tends to get messy after that."

The guy opened his mouth to reply, no doubt rudely, when he was interrupted by the second guy bursting into laughter.

"Looks like you've got competition there Tyler!"

The End

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