I didn't know why I bothered changing. The Hunters would be traking me well enough anyway. I suppose I love the form, being sleek and beautiful; as opposed to lumbering through the forest like some oaf, I ghosted through like a sliver of smoke. However, even in my wolf form, I was stumbling, half-drunk with exhaustion. They had been chasing me for days now, hounding me relentlessly, never letting me rest-they kept pushing me to run another hour, a little further, hide a little longer.

Then, amongst the earthy smells of the forest, a sharper, muskier smell flashed through. Werewolf. A scent I knew instinctivly. I turned my head towards it, in the hope that I could reach some kind of shelter. It was turning dusky, and I could feel the moon getting stronger. It leant speed to me, as the Hunters would be forced to rely on any werecreatures helping them. Plus, try finding a black she-wolf in a dark forest...

I caught the scent again, it was old, but enough to confuse my trail. I crossed it as many times as I could, aware that I was near the end of my strength. I heard roars behind me and cursed.

Werebears.. I need to get away..

Spotting a thicket of brambles, I scrabbled through, hoping that they would be dettered, too tired to notice them tearing my own skin. I broke out on the other side and came face to face with a large mansion. A message on the door proclaimed it to be the Wolfpack, a sanctuary. I changed back to human form, my clothes reforming around me and staggered through the door, heaving it shut behind me.

I hoped the thick, studded wooden door would hold against the Hunters. My conciousness quickly faded away and I slid to the ground.

The End

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