Man I hate this.

Three years... today. Got turned into one of these stinking filthy halfbreeds. Let me tell you, being a were-wolf is not like being one in one of those books... You can't sleep, its damn near impossible to control, and when there is a new moon. well you can't control it then, and well... bye bye loved ones. one track to friggin' singles ville. great pick up line though..

"Hi, I'm a were-wolf"


fuckit. the sanctuary was the one place I had where i didnt hate. I didn't like it but at least I could get by.

I always got funny looks, the straight dark hair, the keen green eyes, always seeming to be narrowed, baggy clothes, outsider,

it's worse when your paranoid you're gonna be found. At least I manage to keep a piece of the bastard that turned me with me. His tooth is always round my neck, and one day I'll get him back. I promise you that Mom, I promise you that.

The End

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