The instant Tyler's face hardened, I knew there was a painful reason as to why he had kept conversation away from the subject of family.

"Had. Older sister, little Brother."

I looked at him, empathising with how he felt, knowing that seperation from your siblings was the hardest burden to bear.

 "How'd you know they're dead, that's just.. not possible with you being so.... Isolated."  I searched fro the right word but still made him wince. I felt a twinge of sympathetic pain.

"After I finally controlled all of my emotions I went home, Wolf Form of course, I mean, I was a wanted murderer wasn't I? I skulked around a bit, sunk into my house. My Mum was crying and my dad was just staring at the floor. My little brother curled up. Hugging a pillow. "First Tyler." He whispered. "Then Ems." "

He looked up at the sun, smiling in a way I recognised all too well. When he faced me again, there were tears in his eyes. There was a burning in my eyes and throat that threatened my own tears.

"He was Nine. his brother had killed someone, then mysteriously vanished. His sister presumed dead. what a great start to this life."

He suddenly rose up, punching a tree in anger. I flinched away from the sudden violence, regarding him cautiously as he came to sit back down. There was a deep crater in the wood where his fist had impacted.

"I had a brother." I said softly, after a while of silence. "Twin. After we were attacked, he vanished and I had to leave. We never found any trace of him." I swallowed painfully, seeing his face in my minds eye. "I don't even know if he's alive." I whispered, more to myself, struggling to keep the tears back.

There was a silence that seemed to echo following my revelation. Finally, Tyler shifted closer, I kept my gaze fixed on the ground.

"I'm sorry." He said abruptly, his voice gruff.

I shook my head in reply. Tyler shifted again and I flinched away, painfully aware of the violence he was capable of. A pained expression flashed across his face. I kept my mouth shut, my facer averted. I sensed Tyler wanted to speak, but was struggling to find the words.

The End

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