I felt my face harder, no matter how hard I fought for it not to. 

"Had. Older sister, little Brother."

She looked at me, a look on her face I just couldn't place, no matter how hard I tried, "How'd you know they're dead, that's just.. not possible with you being so.... Isolated." 

I winced at the "I" word. "After I finally controlled all of my emotions I went home, Wolf Form of course, I mean, I was a wanted murderer wasn't I? I skulked around a bit, sunk into my house. My Mum was crying and My dad was just staring at the floor. My little brother curled up. Hugging a pillow. " My eyes glazed over

"First Tyler." He whispered. "Then Ems." I looked up to the sun, My smile fierce and bitter. Then I looked at her, aware of the tears in my eyes but ignoring them. 

"He was Nine. his brother had killed someone, then mysteriously vanished. His sister presumed dead. what a great start to this life."

I got up, my anger rising again at the bastard that changed me. I paced. Punched the tree, leaving a deep dent. I bared my teeth, my neck tendons standing out massively. I sat down again. hoping that she wouldn't try to instigate another conversation.  

The End

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