There was something different in the way Tyler was acting around me. The shyness and the walls seemed to have come down and though we weren't exactly chatting, the silence was bearable. We travelled alternately in wolf and human form as we wanted and covered some considerable distance before night began to fall. We stopped to eat, sitting with our backs against a broad tree.

I was gazing off into the distance, not really eating and twirling a strand of hair absently around my finger. I was thinking about my brother. We hadn't seen each other in years. I wondered if he was still alive after the attack, whether he was okay, how his life had been, whether he knew I was alive, whether he thought of me at all. I missed the easy way he had with people and how he always knew what to say to bring a smile to someone's face. I missed how we would talk for hours about everything and nothing and never get bored. He had been my best friend as well as my brother and I felt his loss like an almost physical ailment. It would be our birthday soon. I hoped that wherever he was, they celebrated it properly.

Tyler nudged me gently, derailing my thoughts.

"You okay?"

I nodded, giving him a sad smile and focusing on my food instead. After a while, a thought struck me.

"Do you have any siblings, Tyler?" I tried to cover the whistful tone in my voice. "You never mentioned your family"

The End

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