I shrugged, tipping my neck side to side, smiling in satisfaction at the clicks that were produced.

"I've been worse to be honest," I smiled, trying to ignore the weight of sadness that was hovering somewhere around my navel. I opened my mouth to ask if everything was ready, but she cut me off.

"Three days worth of water, and food, past that we can hunt, no blankets, it'd be easier to sleep in wolf form right?" I nodded, she was smarter than I'd given her credit for... I probably shouldnt do that again.

"lets do it then." I grinned wolfishly, as we both walked to the door, It struck me that it was more than likely we'd never be back here again, I strode infront of her, turned around and said, looking directly in her eyes- all shyness gone now- "We may not come back here alive." I shrugged my shoulder pack on "You know that right?" She smiled

"I have nothing to live for, now quit bein chicken, lets go!"

The End

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