Wolfie and SongbirdMature

So, I'm testing out these new characters, to finalise their backgrounds, along with personalities. I have a rough idea about hem, but I'll be testing them in different scenarios, both apart and together. Please leave a comment, telling me your opinion on these chart acts.

With cerulean eyes, Wolfie watched his partner as she slept, her hair a halo against the black satin pillows. He sat at the bottom of the bed, shirtless, sipping at a drink, his eyes gazing over the young female, and her pale skin the dim light. 

He gave a soft sigh, and a genuine, gentle smile, and pushed his glasses further up his face, taking a gulp of the drink. He felt a movement on the bed, before a contact on the small of his bare back - a sweet kiss. He glanced behind him. 

Songbird continued to place light kisses again his back, letting one finger graze over his skin. with her hair a fluffy mess, and her waist down hidden by the black sheets, he admired her pale skin, and her dark blue eyes smiling tiredly up at him. 

"Morning, lover." Her voice croaked softly, before pressing another to him, sitting up, her body pressed to  his back, as she inhaled the scent of his skin, pressing yet more kisses against his neck and jawline. He smiled, his hand reaching around to stroke her cheek.

"Good morning, my little Songbird."

The End

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