Fighting For Life



After I recovered from my leg injury, I started going on hunts with Kaon. I brought my bow, a full quiver and my axe. I would shoot the animal -usually deer- in the hind legs and then Kaon would pounce and kill it instantly by crushing its windpipe between his powerful jaws, which were lined with razor sharp teeth. I found a nearby stream which all of the deer used. I would fill my water bottles and wait downwind of the stream. Now that I had the sense of a wolf I could catch the scent of any prey or predator in the area. I could also see like it was daylight by moonlight and without moonlight it looked like twilight.


One time when I was out hunting Kaon and I split up to see what we could find. I found fresh tracks in the snow and followed them. At the end of the tracks was a clearing. In the clearing there was a dead dear and a pack of wolves feasting on it. The first wolf to notice me alerted the others of my presence. I sent a thought of the twelve wolves and my scent of fear to Kaon.


The wolves were as surprised as I was to find them there. They arranged themselves into a straight line. I could feel Kaon getting closer. I loosened my axe in my belt loop. The wolves stood staring at me. Nobody wanted to make the first move. A wolf from the centre of the line stepped forward. He sniffed the air but couldn’t catch my scent because the wind was blowing across the clearing. He bared his teeth and growled at me. I did the same. He lunged through the air towards me. I dragged my axe out of my belt loop and drove the spike at the top through his throat before he could bite me. As soon as their leader hit the ground, the remaining eleven wolves launched into a frenzy of attack, jumping at me in no particular order. I killed the first with a slice across the throat. The next I parried away with the two foot long handle of my axe. I spun away from him to bury one of the heads of my axe into another wolf’s chest. He fell away with a yelp. The other wolves backed off and formed a circle around me. I twisted in a full circle looking for the weaker ones of the pack. I felt Kaon getting closer then everything went away. My mind emptied itself. My heart started racing. My muscles tensed. I loosened my fingers around my axe and got a better grip on it. Time seemed to slow down.  


The wolves started diving in at my legs but I fended them off easily. The circle got smaller and smaller until they no longer had to jump to get my legs. None of the wolves were fighting me openly; instead they were nipping at my legs while I tried to fend off other wolves. Suddenly they all charged for different parts of my body. I fought with a ruthless cold. I severed legs and heads, I ripped open stomachs, I shattered bones I extinguished every last bit of their lives. I looked up and saw Kaon starring at me in awe.

The End

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