I ran through the fields the hunters still hot on my tail. I skidded to a halt as I reached the cliff edge. I had two options, I could go left though the swamps, but they would probably be faster on their horses than I am on foot or right along a winding path that led through the mountains that were covered with snow. The stones at my feet began to tremble. I could hear the thundering hooves of the horses. I sprinted to my right and up towards the mountains. I stopped at the edge of the forest that obscured the entire side of the mountain with only a few spaces big enough to be called a clearing. The forest comprised mainly fir trees as tall as some of the walls around the cities or so I had heard because I had never been to a city before. The rest of the trees were old gnarled oaks that had been there as long as any of the elders knew and the elders before them for two or three generations.


 I took off my brown cloak and took out my wolf-skin cloak. Some people said it was warmer than a normal cloak. This didn't affect me as I disliked wearing it without need because I stuck to my beliefs that killing any animal that was not sick or near death was wrong. This was why I went hungry more often than not. I placed the cloak over my shoulders grudgingly but this was a moment of necessity because the hunters would spot me easily in my brown cloak. I put down my pack and removed all the unnecessary weight. I took out my paper, quills, books, hammer and my spare flint. I scattered these things over the cliff side to make it look as if I had slipped down the cliff edge to an untimely death.


 I started off again into the forest. I stopped behind an oak tree that could have been cut down to build at least four good sized houses. I peeked around the corner to see if they had fallen for my trick but I wasn’t so lucky. They were gathered in a big circle around whom I supposed was their commander. They started chanting something in that foul tongue of theirs. Soon they started banging their swords or spears on their shields. These men were armed to the teeth with weapons much better than anything we had ever made. They had short swords, spears, long swords, long bows, short bows, shields, axes, and were wearing armour that none of our petty swords or spears could pierce except the axe I had in my belt loop.


 I was thinking of what I should do next because I was bone weary and didn’t have much energy left. I was thinking of climbing up the tree or just making a break for it when my train of thought was broken because the hunters broke off into four groups. The first group of about seven men doubled back on the track they had just come from. Two groups continued on up the mountain pass and then split off in different directions when they came to a fork in the road. One road led through the mountains but was now blocked by an avalanche. The other road led to a town hidden deep in the woods and that path was guarded the whole way to the town so those men would be ambushed and slaughtered. The last group of about fifteen men walked slowly and cautiously into the forest. They advanced at a slow pace with swords in one hand and shields in the other. I slipped as silently as possible from tree to tree. When the cover of trees was dense enough I dashed into the nearest cave. If I hadn’t been so tired I would have noticed the wolf tracks around the mouth of the cave. I entered the cave and laid down to rest. That was my mistake.


The End

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