City of Khour, 752

The invader’s ships pulled up easily on the gravelly shore. The soldiers of the city manned the walls with bows and arrows, javelins and other throwing material. The cavalry waited nervously at the gates along with the wolves. All were ready to fight and die for their homeland.

The invaders jumped eagerly out of their ships and proceed hastily into formations. They drew their weapons and began the slow methodical advance on the city. Once the invaders came within range the archers loosed volley after volley of arrows into the oncoming ranks, but to no avail. Their shields blocked all of the arrows. The invaders continued their deliberate advance towards the city. Soon they arrived at the gates and started beating it with a ram. The gates shook violently. They weren’t made for this. The soldiers and wolves behind the gate prepared for the imminent battle, or slaughter.

The gates broke with a thundering crash. Vast chunks of wood were thrown out from the gate. Before the invaders could come through the breach, the cavalry and the wolves jumped through the gates into a cloud of dust. The archers from the walls drew swords and retreated to the castle to prepare to make one last stand. When they reached the castle they blocked the gate. A few minutes later a lone wolf came galloping out of the dust, followed immediately by two invaders. They killed him before he could reach the sanctuary of the castle.

Soon the rest of the invaders emerged from the dust. They formed up into ranks again and advanced up the street towards the castle. The men and women in the castle knew they couldn’t survive the next attack but that didn’t mean they couldn’t take a few of the invaders with them. The following battle lasted a lot longer than the one at the gate had. The soldiers knew that they were dead already and wanted to sell their lives dearly. 

When the invaders were finished with the soldiers they hunted down all of the wolves in the city and killed them. When they were happy that the city was ‘clean’ they set up their headquarters in the castle. A few weeks later they continued their advance inland killing any wolves they could find. Soon they controlled half of the world as we knew it. None of our weapons were a match for theirs and they had superior fighting skills.

100 years later they reached a small village called Sientar. This was my village. We had no weapons, no wealth, nothing to give them reason to attack us. They attacked us at night. A group of young men got away, me among them. We stayed away from the village for two weeks and then returned to burn the dead.

When the fire from the funeral pyre of my family went out, I noticed some silvery liquid oozing out of some of the rocks. When the liquid hardened it became incredibly strong. I found more rocks the same and got the substance out of them as well and from this I made my axe.

I was on the edge of the forest testing my axe when I heard the shouts. One young man came running, shouting that the invaders had returned. I picked up my pack and axe and started running.

This is where my story starts.. 

The End

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