Wolf Pack - Alpha

At this hour the hall's were empty. A few stragglers, malcontents and pushers lingered though none would approach Brian. Striding purposefully the hallway seemed to stretch on endlessly. Six, it was a number with meaning. Nobody had survived six landings. A conspiracy or a simple struggle against impossible odd's Brian would not likely survive the next month. Planetfall was always a risk, yet each time the risks magnified. Disease, infection and mutation could run rampart even within the structure that was a soldiers body. He hated his body. A lumbering hulk, impenetrable and incredibly powerful. Intimidating and inspiring. A soldier's life was one of Pleasure and Duty.

Door's slid silently out of his way as he walked into the decontamination chambers. Ancient and decaying the arc's primary facilities were always maintained to exemplary standards. Doken waved at Brian.

  "Planetfall in two Brian, plenty of time to prep." He waved his arm around, a small PDA glowing blue in his hand. "What brings you in so early ?"


  "Void take me, I'd forgotten. Sorry Bro." Doken was young for an engineer, yet exemplary in every aspect of his field. His promotion to Wolf pack was a rare privilege for his lineage. "Still, I'll be seeing you back here after the campaign." Brian looked at Doken waiting for any signs of sarcasm. "I'd miss you Bro." Brian Smiled.

  "Never mind that Doken, just prep Exile." Brian sat against the grey wall, his bulk stressing the railed seating beneath him. "I thought we'd spend some time together, before" the sentence trailed off.

  "I'll bring her Bro, I understand." Doken stepped into the next chamber. Brian could hear him whistling some odd tune. Rumour had it Doken had been saved from one of the Red Fleet. He always said the oddest things. Relaxing a daze came over Brian. He drifted into a restless sleep.

The End

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