Wolf Pack (Working Title)

Verta struggles to defy the feeling that he isn't what his father was and is. His "friends" turn to enemies as he fights his way to being Alpha...

~ Chapter 1 ~

The Three Elders stepped forward one by one, murmuring to each other as their gazes fell on myself, two younger males then Zed and Grih. I pushed myself up onto my hind legs and puffed out my chest, hoping to impress Elder Naiven. Instead of pawing at the ground, I howled to signal for Zed and Grih to come to my flanks.

“How are you feeling?” whispered Zed.

“How do you think I’m feeling, you ignorant runt?! I am ready for a fight and when I am ready to fight I focus on battle whether I’m nervous or not. Just remember, when I fight, I kill so don’t make me turn on you!” I snarled whilst taking a swipe at his neck.

“Verta! Ignore him…” Grih snapped.

“Just let me tell you the plan. First, let your partner graze you and he’ll think you’re an easy win and when he goes for the final bite at your neck, you will roll on top of him and kill the little bugger” Zed muttered in my ear, slurring his words like he was drunk from the adrenaline and tension that was slowly, but steadily, consuming the battle grounds.
But, I had to admit, that the low pitched chatter between the two younger males was considerably unnerving.

“I will win just as my father did - without help. I do not need you idiots.” I admonished.

“We’re here to help you Verta. Remember last time?” Zed foolishly stated, with undeserved authority.

Grih glared at Zed. Realising his mistake, Zed’s brown eyes widened and his ears fell back into his hazel-brown fur.

“Be careful of what you say for I will punish you when I am Alpha…” I growled at Zed.

Zed whined and disappeared from the clearing followed by Grih. I was alone. I glared at my father and Elder Naiven. All love or care for their young was non-existent in the hearts of mighty Alphas.

The End

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