Wolf AttacksMature

There was something scratching on the door, Adams' eyes shot open as he heard the scratching. Could they have found him already? He got up off of the couch and walked over to the closet and grabbed his shot guns and bullets. He shoved the box of bullets into his pockets and aimed the gun at the door. He slowly opened the door and walked outside onto the porch. There was nothing, could he just be hearing things? He walked around the yard. He didn't see anything or hear anything, could he just be losing his mind. He did feel like something was watching him though. He was walking back towards the house, that is when a pack of wolves circled around them. They were in an attack formation, all of them were going to try and tack him down. All of them lunged at Adam, he unloaded his shotgun into the pack of the wolves. The wolves fell a few feet in front of him. The smoke was rolling off of the gun, he looked down at them and they were bleeding heavily. One had gotten away, it looked like he was going to have to chase after this one.

No way this one was getting away, he didn't want it alerting it's friends. He had friends too, they were all asleep. He wasn't going to wake them up to deal with this problem. He ran off into the woods after the wolf. He ran close behind it, loaded his gun and popped off a few shots. It hit the wolf in the back, it dropped dead. Blood was pouring out of the wolf. Something happened, something he had never seen before. The wolfs body just vanished, like it was being sent somewhere else. What was this? He stared at the spot where the wolfs body had once been. What the hell was going on? Shit had just gotten a bit more weird. He wandered around a little more in the woods, he heard something growling a few feet in front of him. He looked up and it was a giant Maine black bear. He gulped and jumped a few feet back. Great, just great. This is something that he didn't really need right now.  

The End

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