Old Friends and Bad DreamsMature

The writer was jotting stuff down in his notebook, he looked over at Adam and smiled wide. The writer shut the notebook and got up off of his tree stump, he paused for a moment. “This would make an epic novel someday.” The writer said, with that he walked off into the distance. He left Adam behind, Adam was a bit stunned and just shook his head. The people that you would meet out in the wilderness in Maine. There had to be something done about that huge wolf. He wasn't going to let it hurt anymore people, he knew that these wolves were feeding on people in the area. He needed to kill every one of these wolves or no one would be safe ever again.

Come on.” a female voice rang out in the distance. “I heard gunshots coming from over here.”

The woman had pushed some branches out of the way, her and Jacob had been hunting the wolves as well. They Jacob8.50 was the short haired male, he was dressed in jeans and a hooded shirt. He was also carrying a gun. Grace was the blond haired girl, she was in a hooded jacket and a pair of jeans. She was carrying a pistol. It was in her hand.

Everyone thought they were crazy, they liked the adventure. This was all of Grace's idea, she wanted to find these creatures. The last time they had found something, it was something they wanted to find. Curiosity had gotten the better of them. They had came up on a man with a gun, they looked down at the ground. It had blood on it and it was fresh. Had this man killed something or somebody? Grace looked over to the man.

Adam is that you?” Grace asked, she blinked.

Grace?” Adam asked, he pointed the gun towards her.

Whoa..” Grace said, she put her hands up. “We come in peace.”

Adam lowered the gun and looked over at Grace, he deduced that the short haired male had to be Jacob. It had been a while since they had seen one another, a bit too long. He really wanted to forget what had happened in the Derby woods all those years ago. It was still embedded in his memory, he moved away and took a new last name. He was trying to hide from everyone. He chuckled to himself a little bit, it looked like he wasn't doing a very good job. You know, the wolves had probably gotten away and it was getting late.

I think we are being hunted.” Adam said, she looked at Grace and Jacob.

What makes you say that?” Grace asked.

A wolf told me.” Adam said, he looked at Grace.

What?” Grace asked, she blinked. It wasn't that she didn't believe him. Talking wolves? That was a bit far fetched, you know it was Maine and nothing is far fetched in Maine. It seemed Maine as of late was a hot spot for a bunch of weird shit going down. She pushed the pistol into the waste band of her jeans. She didn't have a holster, yet. They kinda just went and bought some guns from a guy she knew. Didn't know if they were legal and at this moment, she didn't really care.

So where did you come from?” Adam asked Grace.

You know, I heard stories about these wolves and decided..” Grace began to say.

Venture into the woods alone..” Adam finished, he smiled and strapped the gun to his back and walked over and hugged Grace. It was nice to see her, finally a friendly face.

Still those things were still out there and he needed to find a way to kill them. He didn't want those creatures in the woods and he looked over to Grace and Jacob.

You got a place around here?” Adam asked as he looked at Grace.

Yeah, a few miles down the road.” Grace said, she smiled as she looked at Adam.

Good, need a place to rest and a plan.” Adam said.

Alright.” Grace said, she gulped as she looked at Adam. “Might not like where it is. We are going to have to go back to Derby.” Grace looked at Adam, she knew how he hated it there.

Wait..” Adam said, he looked at Grace. “That place a ghost town too?”

Pretty much.” Grace said, she nodded and looked over to Adam.

Grace and Jacob lead Adam to the van, it was large and blue and made by Chevrolet. It had rust in some spots. There wasn't anything they could do right now, if they continued to roam around in the dark, they would all get killed. It was smart to regroup. All of them loaded stuff into the back of the van. It was mostly guns and ammunition. Adam had a few bucks left on him, maybe it would be enough to get some dinner. He was kinda hungry, he found a seat and sat down. Grace and Jacob climbed into the front of the van. Grace was driving, Adam hoped he wouldn't die. He had never been in a vehicle while Grace was driving. This was going to be an interesting event. Grace drove for a few miles, they came to cabin in the woods of Derby, Maine. It was secluded by trees and you couldn't see it from the road. It would be a great place to go hunting in. They unloaded all of the stuff from the back of the van, the lugged it inside. They put the guns and ammunition in a safe place, inside of a closet. Hopefully they wouldn't needed it until later on. Adam found the couch and sat down, noticed that they had an old phone, it was on a cord and attached to a phone line. Adam tried to call Matthew's cell phone but no one picked up. He hoped nothing had happened to his brother.

Too many things running through Adam's mind right now, he wondered if they had any munchies stashed in this cabin. He got up and ventured into the kitchen area, dove into one of the overhead cabinets. He found a half eaten bag of Doritos. He started to munch on those and walked back out into the living-room. Still munching on the chips. Why had Matthew not answered his phone? That was really bothering him. He'd have to put that out of his mind if he wanted to get any sleep tonight. It wasn't like he was going to be able to sleep, he needed to be alert.

He closed his eyes, his world faded to black. No matter how much he wanted to fight it, his body needed rest. Everyone in the cabin needed rest, none of them liked the uncertainty. They were all essentially sitting ducks for these wolves. They might be surrounded by walls, if they wanted to find a way in to harm them. They would find a way. Wolves were smart and crafty creatures. Werewolves were supposed to be creatures that were meant for stories to scare small children. In Maine they were real, very real. There was always something very surreal about Maine, was it the country landscape that went on for miles? Or was it the uncharted woods and roads that were in the state? It did seem like Maine went on forever and ever. It housed a lot of mysteries, unsolved ones. Where did these werewolves come from? Why were they here? Too many questions and not enough answers. As Adam dreams, he saw his brother. He was dead, mauled by a wolf. Adam had came up on the wolf, it was still eating Matthew's neck and the heart had already been devoured. There was blood dripping off of the mouth of the wolf and it turned to look at Adam and smiled. The wolf lunged at Adam, he ran out of the way and climbed up a tree. He had no gun and was defenseless. The wolf began to growl and it dug it's claws into the tree and started to climb the tree as well. This was it for Adam, he was going to die. He blinked, he watched the wolf come closer. He did what he had to do, he jumped from the top of the tree. He watched himself come closer to the ground, as he got close to the ground he grabbed the tree and slide down it like it was a fireman's pool. The wolf at the top of the tree growled at him and climbed back down the tree and ran after Adam. Adam ran deeper into the woods, he was in a complete dark part of the woods. In the darkness he was surrounded, glowing eyes looked at him. Yes, this was it. This had to be it. If he had his gun he could kill these things.

Adam woke up, his eyes shot open and the scenes faded away. A nightmare, that is all he needed right now. He had woke up in a cold sweat, he got up off of the couch and wandered down the hallway. That is where the bathroom was, he entered and splashed some cold water on his face. He looked in the mirror, he didn't look good. He looked rather stress and ragged, he didn't recognize his own face. What has this done to him? He walked out of the bathroom, shut the door and walked back out into the living-room and sat down on the couch next to the phone. He picked it up and dialed Matthew's number once more, still no answer. He really didn't want his dream to be right. He sighed and closed his eyes once again. 

The End

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