The Hunt Is OnMature

It didn't take him long to get home, he pulled into the driveway and shut the truck off. He grabbed the beer and guitar out of the truck and unlocked the door and walked into the house. He put the guitar on the couch in the living-room, he walked into the kitchen and put the beer on the table. He took the beer out of the six pack, popped it open and drank it. He walked back out into the living-room, he sat down in a chair and turned on the television. He sipped on his beer, there was a news story about monsters in the area. He rolled his eyes, how much of this was fiction and how much of it was real? He took another sip of his beer and set it down on the end table that was sitting right next to him.

His cell phone rang, it was his brother. His brother told him that he was going to be home later, he nodded his head and they bullshitted for a few minutes and exchanged ayuhs and than they hung up. Adam closed his eyes and put the cell phone on the end table. He might as well catch a nap, nothing else to do. Lately, he had been having horrible nightmares and didn't really want to sleep. They were just dreams, they couldn't hurt you. He closed his eyes and drifted off into sleep. Hours had passed, it had only felt like mere minutes to him and he woke up. The room was dark, the door leading into the house was still closed. No one had came in our out, he thought that was a bit strange. He got up out of his chair and flicked a light on in the house, walked to the fridge and opened it up. He made himself something to eat, he ate and that is when he had heard a wolf howl and screaming coming from outside. He darted from the kitchen, through the living room and he reached the door. He opened it up, he walked outside. There was blood in the driveway, a trail of blood. He looked down and it looked like a body had been there, it had been dragged away. What was this shit? He knelt down and touched the blood, it was fresh. This had to have had happened before he woke up. Can this just be another bad dream? Maybe this is why his brother had not came home yet, no he couldn't think like that. Luckily his 'Tools' were still in the truck. His life was just one big hunt, he chuckled a bit. Wherever this thing went, he couldn't have gotten far. Kingston was a small town. It was surrounded by a wooded area too, it could have very well vanished into the woods. He grimaced slightly. He grabbed the shotgun and strapped it to his back. He also grabbed silver shotgun shells and pushed those into his pockets.

Looks like I'm hunting again.” Adam said to himself, he shook his head. “Only in Maine.” A small smile crept a crossed Adam's face. He did live for the hunt, he had always lived for the hunt. When he was a child he came face-to-face with a few monsters. Nothing was going to be as demonic as fighting a werewolf. Hell, fighting a vampire would probably be easier. It was time to go, he didn't want anyone else in the town to get hurt. He knew he couldn't take his truck and track this thing at the same time. He kinda wished this thing had came when he was up in the trees earlier.


So many things were running through his mind right now, he followed the blood from the driveway. It lead him down the road about half a mile and he lost the trail, he looked around for a bit and then noticed that there was an entrance to a wooded area and it looked like the body had been dragged.

He found more blood on the ground when he entered the wooded area. There were a lot of broken twigs and branches, that meant someone had been in the area recently. It had to be the monster, he followed the trail of blood on the ground. It lead him to a large clearing, it looked like it had been a campsite of sorts. There were tents everywhere and a big wooden lodge in the background. Kind of odd, why would people be camping out when there was a lodge behind them? This wasn't good. Blood came pouring out of all of the tents at once, his eyes went wide and he grabbed his gun and aimed it at the tents as he walked towards them.

What kind of fucking shit is this?” Adam growled. He continued to walk towards one of the tents, he kicked the side of the tents. There was somebody in the tent, with all the blood that had poured out of the tent they had to be dead. He tipped the tent over, the body came rolling out. The body was half eaten, there were claw marks on the upper torso of the body. He had no neck, that had been eaten along with the man's face and some of it's chest. It looked like these wolves were hungry.

Okay, you guys just had dinner I take it.” Adam said to himself, no one else was around. He felt like he was being watched, he probably was. The woods did seem to have eyes and ears, being in the Maine woods had always made him uneasy. He had a run in with what he could only describe as Big Foot when he was a child. It was an experience that he really wanted to forget. He followed the trail of blood, it lead him deeper into the woods. He didn't know how many miles he had walked, he reckoned that he had ventured into another town.

There was a rumble in the distance, could it be thunder or something else? His hands began to shake a bit as he continued to walk. What was that rumbling? He looked up at the cover of the clouds that were being hidden behind the tree branches. It looked like the clouds were getting darker. What was going to happen next? Only time would tell. He had no cell phone, no way of calling anyone if he needed help. That wasn't good, he continued to walk, he tripped over something. He looked down, it was a dead body. He had to be getting closer, it was mauled and ate off as well. They had to be around here somewhere.

Also it could have been a bear that had killed this person, a bear. Running into one of those right now, it would probably be all over for him. He moved deeper into the woods and he finally came to a clearing. It looked like something rather large had been in the area lately. It could be a bear or some other creature. He noticed somebody was sitting on an old tree stump. This person was in his fourty's had black hair, black rim glasses. Held a notebook, had it open and was writing and muttering to himself. It sounded like gibberish. Was he thinking? Or maybe he was some sort of writer?

He needed to ignore this man for the moment, he had to find the killer wolves. He heard something growl in the distance, he readied himself. He drew his gun, the growling louder and the creature got closer. A wolf jumped out of a bush and he aimed the gun and shot the wolf in the stomach. He watched the wolf drop to the ground, it bleed out and died. He walked over to it, he knew wolves could smell blood and they would be hot on his trail.

I see you.” A voice called from the shadows.

What the hell?” Adam asked, he turned around and pointed to where he had heard the voice.

You can't kill all of us.” The voice said again.

You want to fucking bet?” Adam called out, he cocked his gun and shot where he had heard the voice. He was really getting sick and tired of all of the shit that happened in Maine, why couldn't he live in a normal place? A city would be nice right now. Maybe he wouldn't have to deal with killer wolves. Maybe he could be normal for once? Yeah, that would be nice.

Silly humans, we were here first!” The voice growled, that is when he shown himself. One of the largest black wolves that Adam has ever seen. It had to be the leader of the pack, the wolf stood up on it's hind legs and looked over at Adam. “You humans think you own this place, we were here first. Your the invaders, not us.” The Wolf said, it looked over at Adam.

Then why kill everyone here?” Adam asked, he pointed his shotgun at the wolf.

The same reason you kill.” The Wolf said, his eyes connected with Adam's. “Food, to survive.” The Wolf formed a smile on it's face.

Adam had enough, he shot at the wolf. Before the shots could even reach the wolf, it had disappeared into the night. He blinked his eyes, had that really happened? He had to be going crazy? Wolves couldn't talk. Yet, this one talked to him. 

The End

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